When passion and practice make perfect – Inspiring sharing from two Software Engineers of the Year!

September 1, 2020

During our 20 years of operation in Vietnam, NashTech has always been an employee-focused company. For us, our people are the core of our business and because of this, NashTech organizes an annual ‘Employee of the Year’ award to express our gratitude to our outstanding Nashers.

To continue the series, let’s find out about the 2020 ‘Software Engineers of the Year’: Mr. Sang Luu and Mr. Dung Nguyen.

Sang Luu – Dare to take risks and never stop learning

Joining NashTech via our Direct Entry program, it has been two years since Sang became a Nasher. It all started with a sudden beginning that lead Sang to where he is today.

Recalling the story from just a few years ago, Sang shared that, at first, his passion was directed towards another field – not technology. But along the way of pursuing this initial goal, Sang accidentally stumbled upon the technology field and it was then that he found his true passion! Everything was new and challenging because he had moved into the tech space from a very different sector, but the more he learned and explored the intricacies of technology, the more passionate he became and was and excited to know more. Now, his goal and orientation is to become a full stack developer.

Sang says that his decision to move into the technology world, and also his decision to apply to NashTech, can be described by one word. Destiny. Sang recalled that he was walking through Etown (where our Ho Chi Minh offices are located), when he was drawn to the advert for NashTech’s Direct Entry Program. At that moment he remembered that he had heard about NashTech from a friend and he was filled with excitement and he knew then and there that he would apply for a job at NashTech.

During his career there have been many obstacles to overcome which have required Sang to put a lot of effort into researching and doing self-study. There was a time when his team needed to work 10-12 hours per day to accomplish urgent deadlines or when he received challenging tickets that needed to be resolved. What helped Sang to successfully overcome these it is to learn more, research more, challenge yourself and dare to ask.

He is also being very humble when sharing about the ‘Employee of the Year’ award. He said that although he was very happy, he felt a bit shy since there are many people who are more talented and have more experience than him.
Sang also shared some personal tips that have been the golden compass for his career, which is that you need to clearly determine your passion and capability before taking any job because, for him, if you don’t have passion, you won’t be able to give 100% energy and deliver your best.

Dung Nguyen – Practice makes perfect

Dung’s journey at NashTech started two years ago with the Direct Entry program and he is currently working as a Software Engineer.

Recalling the reason why he chose to become a Nasher, Dung shared that when he was a student, NashTech had come to his university to organize an event. On that same day he became very interested in the company and, after the event, he went home to do more research on NashTech. After collecting lots of information and completing his research, Dung felt that NashTech was a perfect match for him, and so he decided to apply right away to become a Nasher.

Briefly sharing about his position, Dung said just like other Software Engineers at NashTech, his responsibility mainly focuses in coding and writing programs. He is currently working in the Application Maintenance Support (AMS) team which is quite different from other projects. Besides coding, Dung is also involved in various tasks including testing, reviewing code and deployment.

Sharing about one of the most memorable moments during his journey at NashTech, Dung recalled an occasion when his team was working to a go live deadline on a project. It was his first go live in a project and it made him nervous. Fortunately, thanks to good preparation and hard work, the project ran so smoothly and perfectly that his team got many compliments from the client. On that day, his team decided to order food and held a small party in the office to celebrate this unforgettable team milestone.

Besides being a developer, Dung is also a sports lover. “Although I might look a bit chubby, I’m actually a fan of sports, especially football”

Expressing his feeling when receiving the ‘Employee of the Year’ award, Dung feels extremely happy and proud. He feels that his hard work has been recognized by the company. This has become a strong motivation for Dung to keep positivity and strive to be better.

Dung also shared his advice for young talent on their career path: “Experience everything you can and practice every day because practice makes perfect!” He says that, at NashTech, there are many training courses which provide you with precious and useful knowledge that each and every Nasher should take the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and make the best out of it.