Words from the Captain – Heartening conversation with Cuong Nguyen, Managing Director of NashTech Vietnam

August 18, 2020

Not many people are lucky enough to have the chance to witness the growth of a business from scratch. This makes the following story a unique one.

Every great business starts with passion and drive and so did NashTech. Mr. Cuong Nguyen – Managing Director of NashTech Vietnam shared with us his experiences with NashTech in last two decades in Vietnam and his 15 years as a ‘Nasher’.

Key milestones behind his 15-year journey

Cuong Nguyen is a post-graduate of Hanoi University of Technology in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and has over 23 years of experience in software development. With a passion for technology and certified management skills (PMP), Cuong joined NashTech in 2005 as Project Manager and was one of the first employees of the company in Vietnam.

Cuong remembered that, back then, NashTech was still a small representative office of Harvey Nash Group PLC and most of the software development projects were delivered using NashTech’s partners. However, the Group Board soon decided to establish their own development teams as part of the growth ambitions for NashTech, starting with the acquisition of Silk Road, a British Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh City.

“This was marked as one of the most important milestones for NashTech in Vietnam. It was also a significant milestone in my career path since I was promoted to Software Development Manager and in charge of software development for NashTech. This was a very exciting and super busy experience for me personally”. – Cuong Nguyen recalled about the very first days of NashTech.

In 2009, after the former Managing Director went back to his country, Cuong was appointed as Managing Director of NashTech.

“This was quite an amazing journey for me and for NashTech in Vietnam. From just a few people back in early 2000s, we now have over 1,700 members in the NashTech family.” – Cuong shared.

As years gone by, witnessing the growth of the company, Cuong expressed his pride in how both NashTech and himself has come so far and gained so much despite all the tough times.

In the very first days, we barely had anything. We built everything from scratch. A 15-year-journey with NashTech is a challenging yet fascinating one. Building processes, well established systems and employing the talented team we have today is the most remarkable achievement for me.

NashTech – Home is where the heart is

Sharing the reason why he chose to join NashTech, Cuong said it was about being in an environment where he could pour himself into learning and advancing his career.

I learned about new technologies, new domains from our clients all over the world, the way my managers manage and develop business and the way my colleagues manage projects and people. I also learned from our partners. So many talented and hardworking people around that I could learn from.

Cuong also admitted that what has kept him at NashTech for more than 15 years is its autonomous culture where people can contribute to the team but can still implement their ideas independently. There was a time when Cuong worked 18 hours/day, 6 days/week after the acquisition of Silk Road but he was still full of energy because he knew that NashTech gave him the autonomy to do the things that he believes it is best for the company.

“NashTech to me acts as a family. My heart and mind are always with this family and I love to see it grow every day.” – Cuong sincerely shared.

Encouragement came at the right time and became a special memory

There were many significant achievements and milestones that Cuong had at NashTech throughout his 15 years here. The acquisition of Silk Road which made NashTech become a Limited company in Vietnam, the successful achievement of CMMI Maturity Level 5, or the expansion to 500, 1000 and then 1500 people milestones in Vietnam. Each of them is a precious moment which could not be forgotten and it would take pages to list out all the memorable moments.

But for Cuong, the most memorable one turned out to be very simple. In 2005 when he first joined NashTech, and was just learning the ropes, he received an encouraging email from Graham Davies – the Head of Representative Office at that time about an issue that Cuong dealt with a client in a project.

Perhaps on your career path you may have received many encouraging comments from a manager or colleague. But sometimes there are some special moments which you remember for a long time afterwards, especially encouragement that comes just at the right time will motivate you a lot.

Words from the Captain

Cuong revealed that NashTech’s working environment is an international environment where people are encouraged to be open-minded, think out of the box, and dare to step out of their comfort zone.

As long as you work hard, try your best, dare to pursuit your passion and dream, nobody can definitely become somebody!

He also gave us an inspiring motivational message to beloved Nashers: “NashTech emphasises the fairness and opportunity are open to everyone who are capable to take it. Therefore, to all Nashers, dare to say your opinion, work with passion and right attitude, work to make our clients and international colleague know that Vietnamese people are great and work with a pride being Vietnamese”.

Looking back at these precious moments is just like watching a movie that makes you feel nostalgic, yet really proud. It is thanks to the amazing leaders like Cuong Nguyen that NashTech has been able to get where it is today. Cheers to the 20 years we have had and here’s to many more to come!