DEV Show – NashTech’s bespoke development program for software developers.

As one of the key employer brands with respect to technology in Vietnam, NashTech is well aware of the competitive nature of the contemporary digital workforce. Tech talent segments are still highly desired and critical in many different sectors.

To attract, manage and retain top talents in the field, we always seek innovative and new approaches when it comes to effectively managing and developing our tech talents. In today’s article, NashTech proudly introduces you to DEV Show – one of our most highly anticipated and robust talent development series dedicated to our developers.

DEV Show – NashTech’s developers hub

DEV Show is our bi-weekly special show for developers, a platform where they can share lessons or knowledge learned from empirical projects and get latest updates on emerging technologies. The show covers a wide range of topics which we will dive into the three most recent episodes:

  1. Modular web applications in ASP.NET core

A session on how applying modular architecture effectively can bring about huge benefits. Plus, this talk show also show attendees how experts applied this architecture in SimplCommerce, a top 3 open source commerce built on .NET Core.

  1. Java Script – Common pitfalls and best practices

This episode of the series illustrated how writing code in Javascript can easily contain many hidden mistakes that developers tend to overlook. By pointing out common pitfalls, our experts have been able to guide attendees to opt for best practices when working with this framework, especially in big projects.

  1. AZ-204 Experience – It isn’t a walk in the park

AZ-204 is a certification exam which tests knowledge of Azure – a public cloud computing platform. The speaker in this session had shared some valuable tips and advices on how to ace this exam.


Micro-service is becoming a very promising architecture that can help us adapt complex system context. In this talk, the speaker shared about the experiences he had deploying the micro-service system in AWS using ECS and relevant services.

  1. SHOPIFY 101

An overarching session on how to create e-commerce websites backed by Shopify – the trusted and easy to use e-commerce platform.

NashTech’s talent management vision

As we constantly adopt advanced technology in our services to fulfill the mission of delivering technology excellence to our clients, the demand to upskill our digital workforce is frequently high. Thanks to the quick digital adaptation we have here at NashTech, our talents will often earn chances to get post-training reinforcement soon after their training which enable them to have hands-on experience in that field.

Our training does not only align with company’s objectives, but we also cater the training content to meet the needs of our tech talents. We aspire to create highly interactive and well-versed sessions to keep our talents engaged and inspired.

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Discovering the story of our amicable and passionate Automation Tester of the year

A reliable and well-performed workforce is a powerful driver for the development of any organisation. Employee experience incontrovertibly reflects in the performance and engagement level of the workforce which proven to be critical to the organisation’s sustainability and growth.

Acknowledging that, NashTech has created multiple platforms where our employees can raise their voice as well as share their experience of being a Nasher. One of which is our inspiring employee highlight series featuring exemplary individuals who have attained the employee of the year award.

In today’s article we would like to share the story of Phuc Dang – who has excelled in his field to earn the title of “automation tester of the year 2020”.

What it’s like to work as an automation tester at NashTech?

As an automation tester in one of our major projects at NashTech, with more than one hundred headcounts which serves the demand of a Germany financial group, Phuc is given a chance to explore and gain hands-on experience on the latest technologies. Additionally, Phuc also values all new working methods and approaches that he has been exposed to while working at this project, for instance, Mob Programming – a software development approach that facilitates group collaboration as well as tackles common pitfalls regarding teamwork.

Another perk of joining a large-scale project at NashTech is the opportunity to work closely with ardent and adept senior colleagues in the field which has significantly benefited him in terms of technical competence, Phuc added. Joining NashTech right after university through the Direct Entry program, Phuc was new and unfamiliar to how a multinational corporation operates. Thanks to his senior colleagues’ guidance, he has been able to acclimate to the professional environment that NashTech offers.

What NashTech means to Phuc Dang?

After two years at NashTech, Phuc Dang has developed a passion for technology as well as curated strong ties with his fellow colleagues which makes him feel like being a part of a family. Phuc also shared that he feels a sense of belonging here at NashTech since everyone seeks to put efforts into building a healthy and supportive community.

Phuc’s team regularly solicited team building activities such as setting aside a certain time slot each week – calling it Happy Hour – to gather around and eat together, this significantly helps with taking the edge off a hectic week. Company annual events such as Christmas celebration or Year End party are highlights in Phuc’s journey here at NashTech, according to him, these are the times where Nashers can join hands and bond over all the joyous and delightful activities.

When Phuc was asked to share something with our newly joined members as well as future Nashers, Phuc recalled being a fresh graduate from university two years ago with NashTech as the coveted company for many young talents. Through dedication and unwavering determination, Phuc has attained his dream position, he even received a performance award for it as “automation tester of the year”.

Phuc’s advice for all the aspiring Nashers out there: “Join NashTech and experience it for yourself, I believe it will be a pleasant journey filled with excitement”

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Flexibility and Adaptability: factors that define your productivity at work

Possessing a flexible mindset is highly sought-after in this ever-changing era, especially within the office setting. This skillset is widely perceived as the ability to be mentally and professionally prepared for unprecedented shifts in technology, conducts or culture while carrying out your daily tasks.

Flexible employees are great assets to an organisation owing to the fact that being versatile would enable them to tackle a broad range of issues, plus they are more than often the type who would lay the cornerstone for new ideas and constructive changes to be implemented.

The importance of workplace flexibility in a time of crisis and rapid digitisation

Not only we are living in a technology-driven world, but also a world where crisis could show up at our doorstep, uninvited, anytime. 2020 epitomises this, with enterprises going through rapid shifts in their managing and operating methods due to the market demands but more importantly, to adapt to the disruption caused by a global pandemic.

Research recently conducted by McKinsey Survey Global of executives yielded the result that there has been a spike in digitisation being adopted by their companies to accommodate heightening demands in the shortest duration possible. As a pioneering technology company, NashTech understands that to stay ahead of the pack requires constant innovation, especially, technology-wise.

Inevitably, these companies’ workforce is the first one to be exposed to such sweeping shifts. This is where workplace flexibility comes in handy, an employee who can modify his/her approach to suit technological advancement as well as unusual demands during crisis to deliver the best possible outcomes will indeed become the company’s ace.

How you can become an adaptable player

From an adaptable person’s perspective, being open to new ideas and change means making room for creativity and innovation. Here are four traits that are often found in a flexible team player;

  1. Identify your core values and stick to them

Having a clear sense of what your core values are is similar to having a GPS that does not glitch, it will keep you moving forward. With clear core values, people will be able to retain their composure in the face of change or crisis to come up with the most effective solution.

  1. Take others’ views into account

Adaptable team members do not blot out others’ voices since they acknowledge the importance of having a rich pool of perspectives. Imagine how dull a meeting will be if everyone is forced to hold the same view on a particular problem. Discussion between different viewpoints is the foundation of any progress and improvement.

  1. Explore diverse skillsets

An adaptable employee will often seek to enhance their aptitude so that they can be eligible for a wider range of projects or assist others’ work. By exploring different skillsets, they open themselves to more opportunities than those who are reluctant to learn and adapt.

  1. Allocate time for unscheduled tasks

It’s a great thing to start making plans and follow through with it, however, an ideal plan is the one with contingency allowance in it to cover any unexpected tasks popping up. This will prevent you from messing up the time that you have assigned for regular tasks, while also being ready for any disruption.

As an expert in delivering technology services, NashTech is fully aware of the changing nature of this industry and seeks to create a flexible and highly interactive work environment for our employees. We want to ensure that our employees stay up-to-date with the latest technology as well as be well-equipped with various essential skillsets through frequent training and upskilling sessions. This reflects in the flexible workplace that we currently own and take pride in.

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Embrace and respect the challenges – explore the stories of our daring Test Leads of the year

Every step we take here at NashTech is driven by a “people first” approach. When it comes to our employees, we create the conditions in which Nashers can be content and passionate about their jobs, as well as motivated to commit fully to the organisation.

NashTech takes joy in organising the annual “employee of the year” award to celebrate the contribution of our talents. This week we will be featuring Ms. Ngoc Tran and Mr. Cuong Nguyen – two stellar individuals who have earned themselves the title “test lead of the year”.

Ms. Ngoc Tran and her 6 years of dedication

Taking on the role of a test lead at NashTech could be both hectic and fulfilling. As the test lead of SMI – a ten-year-old project at NashTech, a day at work of Ngoc Tran consists of supporting clients and project managers, monitoring the quality control team as well as testing to update business knowledge throughout the day. Through her sharing, we discovered that this position demands a high level of flexibility since, sometimes, she needs to play the role of a business analyst to clarify requirements and give some suggestion to the team based on project knowledge that she gained over the years, then proceed with making a complete and detailed requirement with team and send back to the client.

Despite the heavy volume of work, Ngoc finds her career and journey at NashTech especially rewarding. Moving to Saigon seven years ago, Ngoc chose NashTech as the place where she would embark on her new career path. Through a culture of caring, active listening and respect towards its employees, NashTech has made Ngoc, the youngest member in the project at the time, feel valued and supported. Ngoc also shared with us that her seniors were constantly there to motivate and support her and they play a major role in shaping who she is today.
To Ngoc, the “test lead of the year” award demonstrates NashTech’s strong sense of employee recognition and how employee experience is always taken into account making her feel recognised and valued. This award is definitely a springboard which allows Ngoc to keep moving forward and earning more testing skills in different domains.

Inspiring sharing from Mr. Cuong Nguyen

We are delighted to get a chance to listen to Cuong Nguyen’s sharing – the joint winner of “test lead of the year” award alongside with Ngoc Tran. We got a fascinating answer out of Cuong by asking him about this current scope of work as a test lead. He describes himself as the problem-solver of a project, if something went wrong or malfunctioned within a project, he will be in charge of coping with it. Cuong also humorously added that if issues do not emerge, his team will make up their own problems to deal with.

One thing at NashTech which Cuong relishes the most is the fact that a pecking order is seemingly a non-existent phenomenon and the only notion that stands between employees are “colleagues”. This culture significantly improves employee morale and engagement as well as tackles any misunderstanding by eliminating the fear of communicating with seniors. Cuong also recalled the 2019 company trip as his fondest memories at NashTech since it was the perfect occasion for everyone to unwind after a whole year of hard work. A great chance for everyone to gather around, enjoy a few drinks and immerse themselves in music, a truly enjoyable time.

The title of this article was inspired by Cuong’s motto and also his counsel to young and talented individuals out there who aspire to become a part of our NashTech family.

“Embrace and respect the challenges”.

Challenges and hurdles are an inherent part of any journey, Cuong advises future Nashers to be gritty and prepared as well as enjoy their career as it unfolds.

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DEV Café 2020 – NashTech’s event for .NET enthusiasts

The changing landscape of technology requires those who seek to stay on top of their game to constantly bolster their knowledge of the field. Technology conferences, both online and offline, are being held around the globe with the aim to keep IT workforces up to the minute on the latest innovations and freshest ideas within the industry.

At NashTech, our experts always seek chances to provide young and talented minds with guidance and inspire them to become the type of figure they aspire to be in the IT field. With that in mind, annually, NashTech organises an event named DEV Café – an informative and dynamic .NET-focused occasion which is a part of the global .NET Conf series.

DEV Café – a place where tech enthusiasts gather and discuss everything .NET!

On the 28th of November, a community of tech-savvy individuals huddled at NashTech’s office in Ho Chi Minh city to participate in DEV Café – our in-depth .NET event in collaboration with .NET Conf. Our audiences range from developers to IT major university students all of whom share the same interest and fascination for .NET framework.

The full-day agenda gives our attendees a real chance to deep dive into well-versed .NET sessions. Our experts did not merely introduce the surface of the vast .NET world, in fact, they engage the audiences in various different empirical discussions around the use of this framework as well as how to resolve .NET-related issues.

DEV Cafe 2020 - 1

The event was divided into seven sessions, specifically:

  • An overview introduction of .NET 5 –
  • Building and securing Blazor application
  • Building GraphQL APIs in .NET
  • Multi-tenancy in microservice architecture
  • High-performance services with gRPC
  • Building distributed cloud-native applications with Dap
  • Practicing ML.NET

The event was based closely on the professional agenda of a .NET Conf event while also breaking down the broad topic of .NET to more digestible and comprehensible presentations as well as gives room for more rigorous discussions between the speakers and attendees.

DEV Cafe 2020 - 2


NashTech and our talent development programs

At NashTech, one of our main objectives is to help the Vietnamese technology scene thrive as this industry has become an integral part of Vietnam’s economic growth. We believe that our passion and expertise in technology could greatly benefit Vietnamese young talents by consolidating their tech knowledge as well as nurturing their potential.

Through comprehensive and thorough talent development programs is how NashTech retain top talents. NashTech is a promising destination for those who are looking for a chance to contribute and grow at the same time, we express appreciation to our dedicated employees by providing best access to talent development programs.

Join NashTech to experience our well-developed talent development programs!

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Software testing – Your career path at NashTech

What is software testing?

In the software development field, Software Quality Control (SQC) ensures a software product meets the defined specifications/requirements. This usually falls in the phase of Review/Testing in the Software Development Life Cycle.

The software testing process consists of all lifecycle activities, both static and dynamic, related to planning, preparation and evaluation of a component or a system to determine whether they satisfy specified requirements and detect defects.

At NashTech, Quality Control Engineers (QC) are responsible for the manual software testing activities in the projects.

QC Engineer career path

Like any other career, QC Engineers at NashTech have a transparent yet flexible development path for them to explore their full potential to switch the career to another path or continue with the software testing career.

There are two main pathways for employees to nurture and develop for a QC Engineer, which are: Technical Career Path and Management Career Path.

For example, if a Test Lead wishes to explore the management path rather than stay in the technical side, he or she will then shift to the Line Management Career Path or Project Management Career Path and develop to become a Test Team Manager or Associate Project Manager respectively.


Getting started on QC career pathway

If you are considering a career as a QC Engineer, basic knowledge in this field is definitely something you have to be well-prepared. Your understanding of ISTQB Foundation level will be a good place to start. At a more junior level in the testing field, you will be busy with requirement document clarification, test case creation, test execution, reporting and re-testing bugs in the project.

NashTech also offers support and nurtures your growth through various training programs. You will understand more about the software, how it is constructed and where it may fail. Also, individuals will develop greater communication skills and have a good adjustment on the quality of the system as user view experience along with the technical aspects.

Doing Quality Control at the company will help you sharpen not just technical but also soft skills. Being meticulous, having analytical skills, logical thinking and communication skills is what you will have chance to enhance while working as a Nasher.

Growing up as a QC Engineer

Along with the proper knowledge and skills, a QC Engineer is also expected to acquire several qualities to succeed at their job. A person who shows passion, dedication, hardworking, responsibility and dares to challenge themselves is likely someone who achieves accomplishments in their career.

Also, it is important to assess and understand yourself before building your career to make sure the job you choose is a fit for you.

Development in your career requires a great deal of commitment and hard work to show the experience and demonstrated abilities. If you keep learning, growing, taking initiative and stay up to date with the latest trends in your field, there is no mountain that you can’t climb.