Harvey Nash at Tech Femme

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On Saturday morning, 12th September 2015, Ms. Loan Pham – our CTO – represented Harvey Nash Vietnam to join Tech Femme, an initiative of Microsoft to encourage female to join Information Technology profession, and promote diversity in the industry.

Being the only speaker specialized in IT, and among a very few female technical directors, Ms. Loan brought a distinctive voice to the event. The keynote “Opportunities in IT industry”, and her authentic sharing on the personal journey over 20 years in the field as a technician, leader, and especially a woman, have inspired a lot of students. They learned from Loan a vivid example of how women can conquer IT with passion, persistency, curiosity and daring to challenge status quo.


Harvey Nash is proud to join with the whole industry in a call to every woman to consider IT as a challenging, rewarding, and aspiring career. Moreover, we appreciate all the women in our community and company who have made this industry more diverse, creative, and exciting.

As Ms. Loan quoted “Do not limit yourself inside the limits of others”.

She can do IT, so can you.

Technology Seminar: The Power of BI & Analytics

As committed to build a playground of knowledge sharing and idea exchange for the IT community, on 22nd August 2015, Harvey Nash organized the second Technology Seminar: Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics at our company homebase in Etown. The chosen topic was the most requested after the first seminar in November 2014. The event attracted over 300 IT professionals on the day.

In today’s era where information is defining cutting edge innovations and influencing every massive decision, the ability to organize, handle and process separated and giant data into significant insights is vital to the success of each organization. Understanding this need and with their practical experience throughout international projects, Harvey Nash technical teams walked the participants through different angles of the topic, divided into 10 sessions including The Power of BI and Analytics, Data Warehouse, BI Tools, Data Mining, ETL Design Pattern, Data Analytics, Cloud Approach, Data Warehouse Testing, Automation Testing, and Industry Insights. The morning concluded with two guest speakers, Nguyen Ba Thanh and Dinh Le Dat, together joined the hot seats with Loan Pham, Long Hoang, and Nhan Nguyen in the fruitful

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We hope the seminar has opened up new insights and discussing spaces for each joiner. There are new inspirations and ideas after the meet up, so we hope to see you in the coming events.

The slides of the event can be found here:

The Power of BI & Analytics: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/o9J8e4wewMmGuw

Flying With BI Tools: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/uwMdr23pDaa8Tn

The Art of Data Mining: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/7i2rgbrTfzT0os

Data Warehouse: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/NifDptONNRJArh

ETL Design Pattern: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/mW1Yb19hKOouvo

Big Data and Analytics: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/sj1GH0QlJHLigu

Cloud Approach For Big Data: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/4HYbMk3ACdjJOk

Data Warehouse Testing: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/46O9NbWbA2tDjw

ETL Automation Test: http://www.slideshare.net/secret/2Ejjm9ub71Dhea

Harvey Nash Technical Contest – 2015

On Saturday 8th August 2015, over 150 contestants have joined the very first Technical Contest – Harvey Nash Big Hero – at our Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices.

Team MVT (Mập và Thon) has impressively overcome 52 other participating teams to claim the Championship. We also would like to congratulate the teams Letdoit, Small Kendo, CucCuer, Banana Team, & Park Team for winning the 5 Creativity Prizes.

The first chapter of its series, the full day contest served as a playground for Nashers to try out new ideas and collaborate with other people in an engaging environment. There were lots of challenges and cheers, food and fights, brainstorms and beers, great and close-to-be great ideas. After all, by daring to join with such positive energy, and staying until the end, for each participant, you are already a HERO.

FRESHER SEASON 3 on boarding

We are very pleased to welcome Freshers – Season 3 – joining Harvey Nash family in both Hanoi & HCMC this morning.

Wish them best of luck in the challenges ahead and great success in building their career with Harvey Nash.

Harvey Nash Group and Humax announces strategic partnership

Harvey Nash, the global IT outsourcing and professional recruitment business and Humax, a global leading gateway provider, today announce their strategic partnership that will lead to 200 engineering jobs being created in both the UK and Vietnam in the presences of Lord Francis Maude, UK Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

The aim of the partnership is to build technology innovation for Humax and to help bring products to market, with a particular focus on Harvey Nash providing IP protection and a strong western governance focus.

Paul Smith, Chairman at Harvey Nash Outsourcing says, “The strategic partnership with HUMAX will forge strong links between the UK, Vietnam and Korea, and as the third largest technology company in Vietnam we are confident that we will be able to help HUMAX bring products to markets ahead of their competition.”

Harvey Nash first invested in Vietnam over ten years ago, building one of the largest technology and BPO businesses in the country. Harvey Nash now has over 2000 staff in outsourcing division based in Hanoi, HCMC, Europe, UK and USA.

Source: Nash Techs Global

Another Amazing Family Tour

We were glad to welcome over 20 families visiting our offices on 16th July 2015.

The families were warmly welcomed by the Board of Management. On behalf of the Board, Mr. Alistair Copeland sent the profound appreciations to the families for the huge support they have given to our colleagues, which inevitably played a key role in the success and growth of Harvey Nash.

While visiting the workplace of their beloved, the families were greeted by our colleagues at each work station. The highlight of this visit was that the participants got the opportunity to explore our newly renovated offices and the spirit they brought.

The event concluded with the sharing from the families and a cosy lunch.

We would like to thank all families who came and visited us.

Moreover, we highly appreciate the effort of the organizing team and all Nashers who have made the day possible.