Out of adversity comes opportunity – an inspiring sharing from Vinh Tran

Today, we are continuing our series featuring Employee of the Year winners. This award is held annually to honour individuals who demonstrate a high level of competence and innovation in project management.

We have met Tri Nguyen and Tu Diep in the previous articles, now, let’s get to know Vinh Tran – one of the outstanding Project Managers at NashTech!

From the very first steps that Vinh took on his career path, he always wanted to have a job which offers a wide range of opportunities to work directly with global customers. He also wanted to work with excellent co-workers. When he found NashTech, Vinh Tran believes this was fate.

Vinh Tran joined NashTech in September 2013 as a Senior Developer and he says he had everything he needed here. Two years later, Vinh worked as Team Leader for a big project, and he soon became the manager.

I gained many knowledge about working process, how to deal with customers, how to solve emerging issues in effective ways. During this time, Phil Went, Long Pham, Vu Do & other colleagues supported me a lot. They were the one who lead me on this path of management.

On his journey, Vinh had to confront many deadlocks and negative thoughts. Sometimes, he even wondered if he had made the wrong decision. Vinh shared that had it not been for his supportive and professional mentors who are always there to help him, he would not have overcome the darkest time.

A hard-working and humble Project Manager

With his experience, Vinh Tran was assigned to manage many other projects and programs. He always tries his best to gain more knowledge by taking international certificates and Master degree, all by himself. So far, Vinh Tran has accomplished:

  • Master of Computer Science
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Professional Scrum Master 1
  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

He believes that good project managers should possess certain qualities. First of all, project managers should understand what their organization’s strategies are so that they can execute the project effectively, which aligns with the firm’s mission. Managing a project means that the person in charge needs to be aware of the problems, both currently and potentially, and clearly define the solutions to address those issues.

Moreover, Vinh shared that the most important thing to bear in mind is the way you work with colleagues. Proactivity and team spirit are the key elements for the success of a Project Manager.

People usually expect to work with someone who is supportive and easy to work with. As such, rather than giving commands to your teammates, advice and constructive comments are more preferred – Vinh shared.

NashTech and him

At NashTech, Vinh Tran has an opportunity to encounter many excellent colleagues whom he can learn an ample of new things from. There is a professional, cosy and friendly environment here. NashTech’s environment contributes a lot to Nashers’ happiness as well.

There is a professional, cosy and friendly environment here. It encourages employees to feel better, have more energy and endurance, and are therefore more capable of working hard at their jobs.

Thanks to wonderful people like Vinh Tran, NashTech can go far and go fast in the ICT industry. We proudly believe that our team and their deep expertise can conquer any challenge.

Our employees in NashTech represent our business and our brand. As such, Nashers are very important to us. That’s why we endeavour to create the happiest working environment so that everyone can work more efficiently and enjoy their time here.

A solidarity spirit of Tu Diep – Project Manager of the Year

Every year, to recognize and reward exemplary employees, NashTech holds an annual award, titled “Employee of the Year”, which is evaluated based on both performance and specific contributions to the mission, goal, values, and plan.

In the last article, we have explored the inspirational journey of Tri Nguyen, one out of six outstanding project managers this year. In this episode, let’s raise our glasses for the next Project Manager of the Year – Mr. Tu Diep.

Tu Diep joined NashTech in 2012 as a Senior Software Engineer. After three years working as Technical Lead for a project of an Australian based client, he was promoted to become Project Manager. Since then, he has worked on various global projects from all over the world.

Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful – Roy T. Bennett

Spending eight years here at the company, Tu Diep believes that there is a strong bond between NashTech and its employees – the beloved Nashers. He shared that a positive relationship can lead to higher motivation and employee engagement. This is also the reason why Tu Diep wants to create more value for NashTech by making high-quality products and delivering clients satisfaction.

He also shared that through practical work, he has gained precious knowledge and experience which cannot be acquired from coursebooks. At the same time, Tu loves sharing his experience and knowledge to his teammates.

United we stand, divided we fall 

When Tu found out he had become Project Manager of the Year, he was so surprised at first, then, he was over the moon! Tu Diep believes that he has won the award on behalf of all other Project Managers, because he believes they are all superb and worthy.

I also have the support from seniors and other Nashers. I am motivated and appreciated by their effort. 

He modestly told us that it wasn’t just all about him, everything comes from the great collaboration and team work with the efforts of many colleagues and the support of his members in the Offshore Development Centres for American and Australian clients.

Thank you everyone – Tu sincerely expressed his gratitude

NashTech and him

Tu Diep has worked at NashTech for eight years since 2012. Interestingly, he shared that NashTech is where he stayed and spent the longest period in his career.

Although NashTech is on a journey to become the best company in IT sector, for Tu, he subjetively thinks that NashTech has always been the best in terms of professional skills and process.

Throughout his journey at NashTech, an open environment as well as a wide range of development opportunities are what make Tu most satisfied with. Furthermore, NashTech has a good work culture since it offers employees to work flexibly and balance between work and life.

Tu Diep shared that it’s not easy to achieve work-life balance in nowadays unpredictable and fast-paced business world. However, at NashTech, every Nasher is empowered to have a work-life balance. Outside the office, Nashers are encouraged to join in other activities or clubs. This allows them to follow their own hobbies.

Tu shared that he enjoys various activities beside his work to maintain good health, such as running (every morning), swimming and reading. Some of his colleagues even have special abilities beyond their expertise in the IT field, such as playing an instrument, playing soccer or photography.

NashTech would like to thank Tu Diep and other project managers for their great contribution and dedication. They are indeed NashTech’s greatest motivation to continuously strive for the best.

Microsoft Build 2020: The next phase of .NET – Sharing from a panel featuring Thang Chung, NashTech Senior Solution Architect

Microsoft’s annual developer conference; Microsoft Build 2020 took place over 48 hours from the 19th to 21st May. This conference is eagerly anticipated every year across the globe and is covered by the likes of CNBC, BBC and Forbes Magazine. The event was live-streamed for the first time rather than taking place like it normally does in Seattle and kicked off with a keynote from CEO Satya Nadella. We are therefore so proud to have one of our Nashers speak at this prestigious global Microsoft event.

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every individual and organization to achieve more. This includes all Microsoft events, including on digital platforms, where they aim to create a respectful, friendly, fun, and inclusive experience for all participants. This year, unlike other preceding MS Build conferences, Microsoft had turned its biggest summit into a digital event due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

Microsoft also utilizes this developer conference to feature their key areas, while demonstrating updates on these technologies. One of the most anticipated sessions from Microsoft Build 2020 was titled “The next phase of .NET”. In this session, NashTech was proud to have Mr. Thang Chung – Senior Solution Architect, representative of .NET community in Vietnam – as an honorable speaker to discuss a myriad of new things coming to .NET, from .NET 5 to source generators.

Watch the full panel discussion here: 

NashTech successfully renews Gold partnership with Microsoft for 6 competencies

NashTech is delighted to announce that we have further strengthened the collaboration with Microsoft by successfully renewing as a Gold Partner – the highest possible form of partner program.

This year, in addition to maintaining this valuable title for 6 competencies, NashTech also added one new category to the partnership, which is Gold Data Platform. This proves NashTech’s abilities in delivering the projects related to data platforms on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environment.

In brief, in 2020, NashTech has achieved the Microsoft Gold Partner title for these following competencies:

  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Application Integration
  • Gold DevOps
  • Gold Data Center
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Data Platform

Joining the elite tier of Microsoft partners has strengthened NashTech’s pursuit of highest standards in service delivery and ensures that we stand out from our peers.

About Microsoft Partnership:

The Microsoft Partnership program demonstrates an organization’s proven expertise in delivering quality solutions on one or more specialized sectors in the business.

With Silver membership, organizations are able to indicate the consistent capability, expertise, and commitment while Gold membership enables companies to demonstrate best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area. As a Gold partner, businesses can also add advanced specializations to the portfolio.

Businesses that have earned a Gold Competency is among the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide. That is why it is so important to consider the Competencies a Microsoft Partner has—especially a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, when you are searching for a Partner to implement and support your company’s Microsoft solution.

Microsoft competencies focus in 4 main areas which each have subareas.

These competencies are designed to get companies like NashTech ready to meet customers’ needs, attract new customers who are looking for Microsoft-certified solution providers. For Silver and Gold competency levels, there are different certain requirements for each of the areas. Within these areas are classes and exams that employees from the company seeking the membership title must take.

By earning these membership competencies, powerful Go-To-Market offers and programs are unlocked to help companies expand and grow their business. Most importantly, if the Partner you choose is a Gold Partner, they will have a “deep bench” of deeply qualified team members.

Why is NashTech a Gold Partner?

The answer is simple: we want to offer our clients globally, the best. We believe that our clients deserve to work with a Microsoft Partner who has achieved the highest level of training and certification, and who maintains a close relationship with Microsoft.

NashTech proudly invest in our Microsoft experts. We support our teams through the rigorous process to help all the members to get certified. Achieving Gold-level competency isn’t easy, so after all the hard work is done, we ensure that our teams get acknowledgement and reward for this achievement.

6 tips to sharpen a Business Analyst’s communication skills

Communication is an important factor that helps Business Analysts share information with each other, and improve the efficiency of work. At first, talking to people may seem like a simple and natural thing to do, but communication is actually a complex process to get people understand you in the right way.

Today, Ms. Ha Trinh and Mr. Ngoc Phan, who clearly understand the art of communication, will share us 6 useful tips for a Business Analyst to communicate effectively. 

  • Define goals and expectations

    A Business Analyst needs to deliver clear, achievable goals to both internal teams and clients, so you must outline exactly what is required on any given project. It is essential to speak plainly and politely to get your message across clearly without causing any confusion or offence.

  • Face-to-face conversation

    If there are ambiguities between members, you should propose a live meeting or video call and invite all involved people to join in. It’s much better to initiate a direct interaction with your team rather than to chat / email or merely exchange documents.

  • Write / draw down new ideas

    Once you’ve created your message, you’ll need to ensure it’s delivered in the best possible format. While face-to-face communication is usually the best way to build trust with employees, it is not the only option. Writing/drawing is extremely effective since it helps people understand each other more easily than just talking. If you need to present a complex problem to the customer, quickly draw a mock-up or diagram to make it easier to express yourself.

  • Listen and show empathy

    Listening shows respect and allows you to learn about any outstanding issues you may need to address as an employer. When people are enabled to openly communicate ideas without fear of ridicule or retribution, they are more likely to bring their ideas to the table. Sometimes, when the discussion is getting tense and or is being quite hotly debated, people are likely to be overwhelmed by their personal ego and anger. In this case, you should stay calm, show empathy to the audience, and clarify you ideas again.

  • Use appropriate words

    You must have extensive vocabulary and different registers of speech (tone or style of speech) in order to say the same thing in various ways. For instance, The way you talk to your client will be, for sure, more formal than talking to your best friends.

  • Cultivate a good relationship with teammates

    Greeting, joining team building activities, asking about each other’s wellbeing and day to day lives are simple yet very effective way in creating effective communication. By implementing effective strategies to boost communication, you will be able to build an effective team. Good communication builds a positive company culture and maintains a positive work environment. When people are happy and cooperative, communication will become a lot easier.

NashTech’s Business Analysts

Ngoc said:

All of the Business Analysts in NashTech, who I have the opportunity to work with, are extremely good at their expertise. Although their background is either technical or business, they are trying hard to perfect their communication skills.

In addition, Ha Trinh shared that:

At NashTech, English is very important as you’ll be required to work directly with foreign clients. Discussing ideas, reading English documents, receiving and sending emails are just a few to mention. Having good command of English not only allows you to clearly convey project plans and other key business communications to everyone, it also gives you the chance to work abroad.

If you are an excellent communicator, and you like to experience on-site opportunities, NashTech is meant for you. Join us today!

Communication is the art you need to master – The inspirational interview with Mr. Tuyen Le, NashTech Hanoi Operations Director

Many people usually assume that it will be best to choose and stay in only one career path for your entire life and such, refrain from switching to another job due to many reasons. But, even the most successful people dare to change their career directions, as long as it’s worth it. And Mr. Tuyen Le, our Hanoi Operation Director is definitely a role model for this dare-to-do story.

From teaching to managing: a fascinating journey

Spending his student life abroad, Tuyen started his career path with a teaching role in a university in Hanoi. Becoming a lecturer, this also fulfilled his parents’ wish. So, when he decided to switch to a new career direction and immerse himself in the technology industry, this decision worried them, especially about the uncertainty it may bring.

However, after all these years, Tuyen has proved to not only his parents but also everyone else that he has made one of the most significant decisions that has led to a successful and happy life.

Tuyen moved from teaching to working in IT industry as an embedded engineer for an international company prior to joining NashTech in 2011. Throughout his journey of almost 10 years at NashTech, Tuyen has harvested himself a bank of good memories. He recalled one of the memorable days when NashTech organized the Family Day and invited his parents to visit the company.

“I can see from their eyes that they were truly happy, experiencing the environment that their son is working in, the environment that facilitates their son’s growth”. Tuyen shared.

Ten years, three positions, second home, one journey

Tuyen’s journey at NashTech started as Project Manager, then Delivery Manager and finally, Hanoi Operation Director, which has been his role since 2015. In ten years, he has held three different positions. For Tuyen, NashTech is not just a company, it has become his second home.

Tuyen shared that at NashTech, he finds the leaders to be honest, open and truly care for the members. The goal of the leaders at NashTech is to create more job opportunities for Vietnamese engineers and that is what motivates and inspires Tuyen.

“NashTech is where people, regardless of the position or the level, work in harmony as a team to achieve the great result”.

In Tuyen’s opinion, the most unique part of NashTech is that the company provides a myriad of training to members at all level.

“As a second home for all employees, NashTech doesn’t just offer a place to work, it also provides a wide range of growth opportunities for the employees through training, courses, workshops, etc. I’ve seen myself grow in this environment. I’ve seen many other people grow to be excellent engineers, who are not only contributing to NashTech but also to the community”, he emphasized.

Since NashTech is a global company with offices and clients around the globe, it gives Nashers (our employees) many prosperous opportunities in learning from international colleagues and clients.

Communication – The language of leadership

Besides sharing on his career path, Tuyen also gave thoughtful opinion on the key to success. For him, in order to become a successful international engineer or manager or leader, besides the good core skills, communication is the art that everyone need to master.

He shared that there were cases in which a good engineer had missed an opportunity to work onsite because their language skills were lacking. Or there were some people who couldn’t be promoted to the leading role due to poor communication skills.

“Communication is not only about foreign language capability, it’s also about the capability of listening to others’ ideas, understanding others’ situation and expectations, presenting your ideas in a structured and logic approach” He emphasized.

Tuyen also said that communication can be learned and practiced. It will facilitate the success in not only professional but also personal life.