Company Trip 2015 – Celebrate 15 years Growing Talents in Vietnam


In October, Nashers have joined the astonished company trips in Cửa Lò and Hồ Tràm. The trip was much more special this year as Harvey Nash celebrated 15 years Growing Talents in Vietnam.

Each participant would remember the trip differently. The exciting team building exercises, the cheerful group photos, the unforgettable Gala Dinner, or the surprising party afterwards. Yet we would all agree the most memorable and beautiful part of this trip was that we have been there to play and share TOGETHER.

Together we have built up the great 15 years of Harvey Nash in Vietnam.

And together we will achieve many more wonderful milestones.














Harvey Nash Fun Run Photo Contest – 2015

Harvey Nash Fun Run Photo Contest was organized from 22 to 29 September 2015 to accompany the exciting BBGV Fun Run, and capture the event through Nashers’ lens. Over 70 photos were submitted to find 11 winners. The People Choice category even created a playground of facebook by attracting more than 1000 votes for the photos.

1st Prize - Start - Tram Le

Grand Prize Winner – Daddy and daughter – Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Trâm

5 - People Choice -Side by side or miles apart. Sisters will always be connected by the heart - Trinh Kim Ngan

People Choice Winner – Sisters will always be connected – Trịnh Kim Ngân

2nd prize - Branding - Nguyen Phu Khoa

Runner Up – Quảng Bá Thương Hiệu – Nguyễn Phú Khoa

2nd prize LetsWinTogether

Runner Up – Let’s win together – Võ Minh Phát


3rd prize - Mission Completed - Lu The Hung

Honorable Prize – Mission Completed – Lư Thế Hùng

Honorable Prize - The Run - Lê Hoàng Bích Ngọc

Honorable Prize – The Run – Lê Hoàng Bích Ngọc

Honorable Prize - Get ready with Harvey Nash - Trịnh Kim Ngân

Honorable Prize – Get ready with Harvey Nash – Trịnh Kim Ngân


Fun Prize - Harvey Nash Talent - Võ Thanh Phong

Fun Prize – Harvey Nash Talent – Võ Thanh Phong

Fun Prize - Smiles at the end of the race - Nguyễn Sĩ Hiếu

Fun Prize – Smiles at the end of the race – Nguyễn Sĩ Hiếu

Fun Prize - CT Girls at Fun Run 2015 - Nguyễn Khánh Trình

Fun Prize – CT Girls at Fun Run 2015 – Nguyễn Khánh Trình

Fun Prize - All Red - Phạm Thanh Giang

Fun Prize – All Red – Phạm Thanh Giang

Congratulations to all the winners!

Fun Run 2015 – A day to celebrate

As Harvey Nash celebrates 15 years in Vietnam, we were proud to become the Diamond Sponsor of BBGV 2015 Fun Run, held on early Sunday morning 27th September 2015 in District 7.

Let’s see what together we brought to Fun Run 2015:


A GIANT London Bus photo corner


Nasher – Runner Up. Hooray!


Harvey Nash booth


The exciting and sexy Harvey Nash opening dance


Another Bus – this one can RUN!



Over 1000 Nashers with families and friends joined the Run


We RED the event.

More importantly, we were there together as a big family. It was a great chance to exercise, celebrate and create FUN together.

Who says Nashers can only code?

Cho Ruoi 2015

On Friday 25th September 2015, Nashers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City gathered at Cho Ruoi and together raised a record fund for Quang Ninh: VND 42,206,600.


_MG_4373 _MG_4318

Besides the unused item exchange, Cho Ruoi attracted over 10 vendors, offering from handmade gifts to food and drink, which all sold out after two hours.


_MG_4291 _MG_4365

Much more than the record fund together we raised, Cho Ruoi’s achievement lies in the sharing spirit of each donation, the dedication and creativity each vendor invested in the booth, the time and smiles the participants carried with them to Cho Ruoi.

They are what make Cho Ruoi a dear memory to Nashers.

Harvey Nash at Tech Femme

_MG_4224 _MG_4196

On Saturday morning, 12th September 2015, Ms. Loan Pham – our CTO – represented Harvey Nash Vietnam to join Tech Femme, an initiative of Microsoft to encourage female to join Information Technology profession, and promote diversity in the industry.

Being the only speaker specialized in IT, and among a very few female technical directors, Ms. Loan brought a distinctive voice to the event. The keynote “Opportunities in IT industry”, and her authentic sharing on the personal journey over 20 years in the field as a technician, leader, and especially a woman, have inspired a lot of students. They learned from Loan a vivid example of how women can conquer IT with passion, persistency, curiosity and daring to challenge status quo.


Harvey Nash is proud to join with the whole industry in a call to every woman to consider IT as a challenging, rewarding, and aspiring career. Moreover, we appreciate all the women in our community and company who have made this industry more diverse, creative, and exciting.

As Ms. Loan quoted “Do not limit yourself inside the limits of others”.

She can do IT, so can you.

Technology Seminar: The Power of BI & Analytics

As committed to build a playground of knowledge sharing and idea exchange for the IT community, on 22nd August 2015, Harvey Nash organized the second Technology Seminar: Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics at our company homebase in Etown. The chosen topic was the most requested after the first seminar in November 2014. The event attracted over 300 IT professionals on the day.

In today’s era where information is defining cutting edge innovations and influencing every massive decision, the ability to organize, handle and process separated and giant data into significant insights is vital to the success of each organization. Understanding this need and with their practical experience throughout international projects, Harvey Nash technical teams walked the participants through different angles of the topic, divided into 10 sessions including The Power of BI and Analytics, Data Warehouse, BI Tools, Data Mining, ETL Design Pattern, Data Analytics, Cloud Approach, Data Warehouse Testing, Automation Testing, and Industry Insights. The morning concluded with two guest speakers, Nguyen Ba Thanh and Dinh Le Dat, together joined the hot seats with Loan Pham, Long Hoang, and Nhan Nguyen in the fruitful

_MG_4196 _MG_4196 _MG_4196

We hope the seminar has opened up new insights and discussing spaces for each joiner. There are new inspirations and ideas after the meet up, so we hope to see you in the coming events.

The slides of the event can be found here:

The Power of BI & Analytics:

Flying With BI Tools:

The Art of Data Mining:

Data Warehouse:

ETL Design Pattern:

Big Data and Analytics:

Cloud Approach For Big Data:

Data Warehouse Testing:

ETL Automation Test: