IT job – 5 myths of bittersweet

IT personnel has never been so hot in Vietnam. According to TopDev, Vietnam will be short of 75,000 IT workers in 2019, and that is set to increase to 100,000 in 2020. Thus, IT is the rising hot job that all parents want their kids to pursue. High salary, minimum physical work, cool office… what’s not to like? However, there is more to the job than meets the eye. There are many misunderstandings and stereotypes that IT pros have to face from their family, friends and the society.

Here are five myths of bittersweet you may have to go through on the journey of becoming a developer:

Stage One – Gender balance

This is something you already know because at school, there are too many boys and too few girls doing a tech major.

Dr Lê Thị Kim Phụng, Deputy Head of HCM City University of Technology’s chemical engineering faculty, said at a conference that gender imbalance in technology is a visible problem in Vietnam. The low number of females in both the campus and workplace might explain the norm that 2 out of 3 young coders are single (2018 New Coder Survey).

Luckily, the gender gap is shrinking. According a survey, young women are 33% more likely to study computer science compared with women born before 1983. So… female programmers everywhere are now full of hope for a more diverse workplace.

Many tech enterprises are concerned about workplace diversity and trying to keep gender balance in the workplace. The largest tech company in Vietnam, NashTech has been a pioneer in encouraging female IT talents and promoting successful female leaders in tech.

Stage Two – Misunderstanding

Every programmer has suffered, not once but many times, from requests like ‘how do I fix my computer?’, ‘Can you fix this software?’, ‘The Wi-Fi isn’t working…’ from their friends and family. In fact, the majority of developers said they were expected to be IT support in their family (Developer Survey 2019). And as a developer, you can’t help but think, ‘Why do they think I can fix ANY IT issue?’ 

The common misunderstanding is that there is only one field in IT. Like when you work in software, but your uncle asks you to fix the hardware of his computer. When encountered with a situation like this, try to explain that the computer industry is a lot like the medical industry, it’s specialised these days.

You can bring your family along to family day, so your family can see, first hand, where you work and what your job entails. It will remove any misconception about your job and make them proud of what you do.

Stage Three – Stereotype

“Programming for the heart” is the first ever sitcom portraying how Vietnamese society and media view IT professionals in the workplace: nerdy and socially awkward.

The stereotype that programmers are weird and anti-social people is not true at all. In fact, working in IT requires many interpersonal skills like collaboration, communication and emotional intelligence. A big software system can involve dozens, hundreds or thousands of engineers working on the same code base. Therefore, social skills are essential for effective teamwork and keeping things together.

Tech companies, like NashTech, include soft skills in their employee’s training to leverage coordination in teamwork and personal growth. 

Stage Four – Work-life balance

The working schedule of an IT worker is often very busy which can make work-life balance a real struggle for new families. The stress and pressure are frequently high during projects. You’re racing against time to meet the deadline. If, unfortunately, your solution does not work properly, then you might have to spend hours looking into every dot and comma. The work seems to consume us, and you are left with very little time for your family.

You’ll be pleased to hear that NashTech shows great attention to employee’s wellbeing through organising various activities to help them maintain a balanced life. For example, day care day is organised during school holidays to help IT-ers who are parents. On top of that, extra activities like sports and recreation, charity visits and company trips are offered to nurture employees’ mental and physical health.

Stage Five – Update & upgrade

Nothing changes faster than technology. That is why, after more than five years working on the same job, most developers feel the need to upgrade their IT skills.

It can be both challenging and exciting to stay up to date. Nevertheless, learning a new programming language or a new skill set can be difficult, as difficult as learning a new foreign language. It might take three months to get close to being fluent, but only when you’ve put in enough time and effort.

For a working professional to take time out from their job, and private life, to learn a new skill / language is difficult. You will need hands-on experience when acquiring new skills, take learning a new programming language for artificial intelligence (AI) such as ‘Python’ or ‘R’ as an example, to master it.

That is why most tech companies provide employees with technical training and lab practice, and this is no different at NashTech.

What stage are you at? Do you have the passion to change false perceptions about IT jobs?

Apply for a job at NashTech today.

High tech talent demand is driving Industry 4.0

As demand for high tech talent continues to sky rocket across the globe, NashTech is in the midst of a significant transformation when it comes to software talent in Vietnam to satisfy global sourcing demands.

According to Cuong Nguyen, Managing Director of NashTech Vietnam, “Industry 4.0 is unleashing the potential of company operations globally; which is fueling demand for talents to deliver. Employing this talent locally can be expensive, and hard to come by, which is why NashTech is calling for high tech talents to join the fast growing workforce at its Vietnam operations.”

Navigos Group’s recent report, which focuses on ‘Vietnamese tech staff in the face of new technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain’, indicates that the top 5 technologies that tech staff intend to learn in the near future are:

1. AI

2. Blockchain

3. Date Science

4. Machine learning – deep learning

5. Internet Security

However, it is reported that they face obstacles with their education, specifically;

– No opportunity to translate theory into practice

– No professional training school

– Having to learn from foreign websites without [having] language [cap]ability

Are you an IT talent looking to gain experience and have a desire to be at the fore of software development in some of the newest technology solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Blockchain and Cloud Computing?

Founded in 2000, and part of Harvey Nash Group, NashTech has a vision to deliver outstanding software creations using its high talent pool in Vietnam. Throughout 2019, NashTech aims to motivate and bring out the creator in every IT talent. Technologies are innovating every day, leading us to a more hassle-free life.

At NashTech you will get to work on some of the most desirable solutions in the 4.0 era:

– In wearables, NashTech helps one of the largest South Korean multinational electronics companies develop a new application that allows users to synchronize their smart watch with their iOS device

– Partnering with Singapore’s leading post-secondary learning institute, using deep learning and neuro-linguistic programming to help shorten and improve the marking and grading process drives innovation and development in AI solutions

– Blockchain has been used to solve two main problems for HR: basic verification and transaction process. Basic verification is the process by which employers and agencies confirm the identity of an individual and transaction is the process of a person achieving their ultimate goal, such as a new job

The belief at NashTech is that behind every great company, there is a fantastic team of people that nurture ideas and bring them to life. Investing in employees’ personal and professional development seriously, means NashTech ranks in the top 50 of Nielsen’s overall “100 best places to work 2018” survey in Vietnam and, more proudly, ranking 4th in the IT sector.

NashTech is truly an IT heaven for tech staff who are hungry for knowledge and love to take up challenges.

Do you have the passion to create change? Apply to NashTech today.

NashTech Wins Two Awards at Prestigious Sao Khue 2019

[Vietnam, 21/4/2019]

NashTech, part of Harvey Nash Group and leading software development company in Viet Nam, has been awarded the prestigious Sao Khue award in 2019 in the Software Outsourcing and Business Process Service (BPO) categories. Winning the prestigious award for its 11th consecutive year further strengthens NashTech’s brand as one of the leading outsourcing companies in Vietnam.

NashTech’s Software Outsourcing division provides comprehensive solutions that enable clients to optimise their investment. Using an international development model, combined with the Vietnam-based technology development center, has helped clients reduce costs while ensuring international quality standards.

 Mr. Le Ngoc Tuyen, Operation Manager, Hanoi office, received Sao Khue 2019 Award for Software Development Services

By clearly understanding the needs of businesses, and through its own experience and knowledge, NashTech has built an effective BPO division, with strict quality management systems to reduce costs and increase value for clients.

Ms Pham Thi Mui, BPO Manager, received Sao Khue 2019 Award for Software Development Services

NashTech continue their efforts to create sustainable values ​​that contribute to the ICT industry in Viet Nam. In March, NashTech was ranked among the top four IT companies with the best working environment, according to Anphabe Vietnam’s annual survey. Winning such important awards motivates NashTech to further contribute to the Vietnam ICT industry for years to come.


About Sao Khue Awards

Sao Khue Award is sponsored by Viet Nam Association for Software and IT Services (VINASA), a non-profit, non-profit organization representing Viet Nam ICT industry, honoring and praising enterprises, agencies, collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Viet Nam’s software and information technology industry.


About NashTech

NashTech enables innovative business and digital transformation through IT services spanning Software, Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting. It operates globally to support organisations with both outsourcing and consultancy requirements.

For more information, please visit


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6 Career Driving Perks You Get Working at NashTech

The demand for tech professionals has exploded in the past decade. Whether you’re a  business analyst, a software architect or anything in between, it’s likely you’re in the amazingly fortunate position to have a choice of jobs before you.

While having such choice is great, it can make choosing the one that best suits your career goals far more challenging. In such a fast moving industry, mistakes can be costly.

As a leading global IT solutions provider, at NashTech we are committed to the investing in the continual development and success of our people. They are, after all, the foundation of our business and the reason we’re ranked .

If you’re considering a career at NashTech, here are six reasons to join us:

  • Trusted, reputable brand

Since setting-up operations in Vietnam in 2000, NashTech has earned a reputation amongst businesses and tech professionals for its outstanding quality, innovation and professionalism. Our employees wear their NashTech credentials as a badge of honour, knowing the stature that comes with it.

  • Training and development

We value continual improvement very highly at NashTech. The people working at NashTech are career driven and passionate about their profession. To help them achieve their career goals and stay at the very top of their game we invest heavily in personalised training and development for our analysts, testers, software engineers and architects.

  • Working with new and exciting technologies

When Google launched its Oculus Rift, we were one of the first organisations they shared it with. Why? Because they knew that some of the brightest minds in technology would experiment with it and they value our feedback. This is just one of countless examples. We’re always trying new tech and seeking to understand how it can be applied to better serve our clients.

  • Opportunity to travel

NashTech is a global brand. With offices across UK, , Asia and America client projects running around the world, for those who love to travel, it’s the perfect opportunity to mix work with your passion.

  • Career development

As previously mentioned, we place a strong emphasis on developing our employees. There are huge opportunities to grow and develop your career across all divisions of NashTech. We recognise and reward ambition.

  • Opportunity to make a difference

We are fortunate to work with many amazing companies, developing software solutions that make a difference and improve the lives of people around the world.

Here’s a short video we created to show you what it’s like to work at NashTech:

If you’re interested in joining us click here

Importance in community contribution in NashTech Vietnam

As oneof the top leading technology companies in Vietnam, NashTech Vietnam – a division of Harvey Nash Group, is dedicated to providing software development solutions to global clientswith the aimoffulfiling the growing needs of businesses in ASEAN. Nevertheless, NashTech has always put the focus on a bigger goal: to build a better IT community and a better Vietnam! 


Our contribution to improve the IT market 

Appreciation of the human factor as the core of the company’s operations, NashTech Vietnam has been carrying out many activities to help develop their talents. Specifically, NashTech works with lots of universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi such as University of Science, University of Information Technology and Thang Long University to hold more workshops on how academic knowledge can be applied to the practical business world. They also have leading experts visit and give lectures providing real-life experience to teach, up-skill and share experiences to students.  


The Internship, Direct Entry and Fresher programs provide more opportunities to seniors and new graduates by providing hands on skills training. Other annual programs, such as Tour de NashTech and Career Talk, are also good opportunities for talents to understand more about the market and their future career path. As a result, after graduation, they will be able to avoid the initial confusion and hit the ground running in this fast paced IT environment. 


In addition, NashTech proactively participates in both national and international forums, seminars and conferences to share the latest insight in to technology solutions. Not only introducing technology to enhance the exchanges and learnings from each other in the IT community, but it is also an opportunity for NashTech to build competitive advantages for its employees. Thanks to this dedication to developing talents, NashTech Vietnam was the only company in the Asia-Pacific in 2017 to introduce two individuals honored with the Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) of Microsoft Corporation. With more than 20-year history, the MVP Award is a recognition for outstanding “community leaders”, who actively share their passions, knowledge and experience for all. 


Together to build better Vietnam 

NashTech focuses efforts on volunteering campaigns to help build Vietnam as a peaceful and happy nation. In 2017, NashTech Vietnam raised more than 350 millions Vietnamese Dong for disadvantaged children in the Saigon Children’s Charity. At the same time, NashTech organized visits to many schools in the region to renovate classrooms, toilet areas and provide more books, notebooks and learning tools to local children.