The main reason is that employees are constantly on vacation

Everyone seems to have their own reasons for leaving. However, besides financial factors, the reality is that there are profound causes beneath the ultimate decision to leave a company.  

Lack of commitment to human development orientation 

Many managers mistakenly believe that an attractive offer of salary will be able to dominate the employee’s attachment to the organization. However this only contributes to their decision to leave. From the perspective of an employee, especially young people, they wonder about their ability to develop their inner selves, establish a position and find a long-term future direction. 


Indeed, according to Travis Bradberry, co-founder of TalentSmart, employees are more likely to make a decision to quit when managers do not have a clear human development (employee) strategy. He said that when leaders cannot commit to a future orientation for their employees, employees will feel disoriented and skeptical of what they can contribute to the team. Naturally, they will become depressed and not want to continue to collaborate with the corporation. 


Environment “closed” 

Imagine how you would feel if you were completely sealed in a room, and no matter how loud you screamed, the outside could not hear you. A “closed” working environment is easily understood as a closed room, where you only work with the directions available, and your feedback, etc. is ignored. 


Angela Ahrendts, senior Vice President of Apple, adds “the pressure from stereotyping will create a sense of humor in the minds of employees, and form a ‘subterranean wave’ in their psyche. In the long run, they will be able to react in different ways such as exploding in a negative or light manner. Either way, the damage is still on the business side. 


Moreover, when employees are bound to unnecessary stereotypes, their creativity and innovation will be killed. Instead of encouraging self-change to move forward, employees are required to follow old models, which will cause ‘stifling’ and the desire to leave the company.” 


“I” of the leader 

Promoting yourself to a self-proclaimed manager will cause the collective loss of a company. Employees will no longer be linked, and each will work individually. Finally, when the collective is no longer maintained, or in other words, the business is split from the inside, employees will leave to seek new ideals. This has been demonstrated through a study of LinkedIn employee behavior by the end of 2017.  



Mr [ABC], [Title related to HR or General Management] of NashTech, the leading technology group in Vietnam, agrees with this statement: “At NashTech, we always operate under the motto “Unite to develop together” because we understand that individuality is the leading factor that causes divisions and affects the development of the whole. So NashTech’s board of directors always collaborates with our employees in all matters, and act as mentors to our associates. “ 


Responsibility of the business to the community 

The main staff is part of the community where the business is located. Therefore, when a company is not interested in the development of the community, employees will feel disassociated with the company. They will indirectly feel neglected by the business owners and will question the management’s commitment of responsibility for them. The Millennial Impact report  Anh Phúc thêm link nguồn nhé shows Millennial employees (born 1981-1996) desired to be more engaged and dedicated to the company focus on developing local communities. 



Focus on staff development, and staff will stay with the company throughout their career. With that in mind, NashTech, a technology corporation with more than 20 years of IT experience in Vietnam, is committed to creating an “open” and professional working environment for employees. 


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Challenge yourself at the largest technology company in Vietnam – Why not?

Leaving college lectures, young people begin to embark on the path to assert themselves and pursue dreams and ambitions. However, they will face difficulties that only those who dare to commit themselves fully will be successful. Do you dare to challenge yourself in one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam? If the answer is “Yes”, we invite you to NashTech. 


Do you have the courage to face “global” projects? 

Forget about group assignments with theoretical topics. Come to NashTech and you will be directly involved in large-scale projects with dedicated experts, like yourself, from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to find solutions to difficult business problems. 


Forget midterm exams; NashTech projects are important exams that you must constantly take. Your expertise and soft skills are the criteria for evaluating your ability to overcome challenges. “Float by” does not do it for you. 


Feeling the pressure? Sure. Then what will you get at NashTech? 


The global partners at NashTech will be great companions and will always stand shoulder to shoulder with you to find the answers to problems. Gaining more than just knowledge, you will be trained for team coordination, multi-dimensional thinking, problem solving, to name a few, which are valuable assets for your journey. In addition, you will absorb the secrets of how different cultures solve the same problems and that will be especially useful in the context of the world as it becoming more connected. 


Being involved in global projects means that you will have access to the most comprehensive information and practical knowledge. What better way to get to know the most modern technologies and their application across many different areas of the world? With more than 20 years of experience in providing consultancy and technology solutions to global partners; such as Google, Ford, Nestle, NashTech has the potential to be a huge “library” for you. The information is endless. 


Are you determined to leave your “safe zone”? 

Young professionals will definitely pass, so why should you keep yourself in the “safe area”? Go ahead and courageously embrace the challenge and live up to the passion and enthusiasm of your youth and do not be afraid of being wrong. If Bill Gates were afraid of being wrong, there would not be a Windows platform. If Steve Jobs just wanted to live “safe”, then there will be no Apple brand. NashTech believes that you can only move forward if you understand your mistakes. Every once in a while, you will learn valuable experience. Every once in a while, you become more mature and stronger. Every once in a while, you will be stronger and more confident. 



The privilege of youth is allowing themselves to be daring, and “do it wrong to make it right”. Therefore,  the staff at NashTech is always encouraged to keep pushing and challenging themselves to do their best and create opportunities for themselves. By leaving your “comfort zone”, you will realize that the sky is the limit. 


Become the best version of yourself – Why not? 

NashTech understands that it is the partners and employees who are the sailors steering NashTech to success. Therefore, the company always follows the philosophy of “focus on people” and always strives to create opportunities for their employees. 


Come to NashTech, you will participate in training and working with many colleagues from countries around the world. You will be in touch with so many different cultures that will broaden your horizons and network. In addition, the classes and sports tournaments organized by NashTech will help you to have the strength to be on the path to pursue your passion. 


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Technology employees in the era of Industry 4.0

In recent years, the term “Industry 4.0” has become more and more well-known, and it is gathering speed across make countries globally. What is “Industry 4.0”? How does it affect the IT workforce in Vietnam? 


What is “Industry 4.0”? 

Throughout history, the world has witnessed major changes thanks to the three big industrial revolutions. Given how rapid science advances, the world is entering the fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 in short. 


Originating from a German project, “Industrie 4.0”, Industry 4.0 is the inevitable trend where existing technologies are being connected and new technologies are being created, which will potentially affect all three sectors: Agriculture, Industry and Service. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things are becoming the norm, despite not being on the scene ten or so years ago.  


Countless possibilities are becoming real in this new era.  


Robots are being created with learning capabilities through artificial intelligence, which allows them to assist humans and take over tasks that demand high levels of precision, or work in extremely challenging environments. Data is now put in cloud storage, with improved security through decentralized networks.    


Industry 4.0 is happening and it cannot be denied that Vietnam is part of this. Government procedures are going online. Automated vehicle and smart home models are being developed. People are switching to smartphones, with virtual assistants that support them with every demands. More than 65% of the population has access to the Internet, and with one touch they can gain access to limitless database of information and entertainment. 


IT workforce in Vietnam in the era of Industry 4.0 

It is certain that the IT sector will benefit from Industry 4.0 the most, for technology advancement is the foundation. However, the growing of workforce in Vietnam cannot keep up with the growth rate of technology. VietnamWorks’ research also showed that the number of jobs in this domain has increased by 47% by the end of 2017, but the number of employees has only increased by 8%. 


In addition, based on a report by the Ministry of Information and Communication, by the end of 2018, Vietnam will lack 70.000 IT professionals. This number will be even higher in 2020, where the demand gap for human resources in the technology field is estimated to be more than 500.000 people.   


Fortunately, there are many bright signs for the IT industry. According to VietnamWorks, the number of technology enterprises has increased by 69% since 2012, especially software companies which has grown by more than 120% in. Moreover, the demand for IT talents has been increasing exponentially since 2013 and is considered highest in 2018 based on recruitment reports.  


Furthermore, Navigos Search’s reports showed that the demand for mid and senior-level managers has increased by nearly 30% at the end of 2017 and is estimated to increase even more in 2018. This is an optimistic signal for workforce in the country, especially employees who wish to obtain mid or senior level management positions. 


Come to NashTech to make use of Industry 4.0 


To make the most of Industry 4.0, IT talents need a good workplace where they are exposed to latest technology innovations, global expertise and international projects to unleash their potential, as well as an open and supportive environment to grow. As one the largest technology firm in Vietnam, NashTech – part of Harvey Nash Group PLC – is the trusted name for talents across the country. With more than 20 years providing consultancy and delivering technology, software and business process outsourcing services to companies globally such as Google, Ford, Nestlé. 


With their expertise, NashTech anticipates the future of Industry 4.0 and offers employees opportunities to deliver multi-national projects. Their key to growth is building and nurturing top talents. At the moment, more than 2.000 professional engineers and process specialists work for NashTech in Vietnam. 



Mr./Ms. [ABC], [preferable Head of HR, or General Manager in Vietnam, or Group CEO], shared: “Here at NashTech, we aim to increase our services in Vietnam to cater to the increasing needs of the country, bringing valuable job opportunities to the industry for the dynamic workforce. We also focus on empowering our associates as we understand that it is them who drive us to success.” 


To apply for a role at NashTech, visit 

NashTech visited schools in Khanh Hoa after typhoon Damrey caused destruction

In early November, typhoon Damrey, the deadliest storm this year, hit Vietnam hard, especially the provinces in the middle of the country.  More than 140 people were killed, thousands of people were evacuated and hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed and damaged during the storm. Khanh Hoa province is one of the most hard hit area with damages being reported as costing up to VND7,000 billions.

In contribution to the rescue efforts from all over the country, NashTech Vietnam sent a volunteer team to the Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa province to help pupils at Ninh Ich 2 elementary school, and their families, to overcome the consequences of the storm.

Essential school materials and tools have been provided to the pupils and cash support was donated to help families.

Check our Facebook page to see more pictures of this activity.

Top 3 MVP – Visual Studio and Development Technologies

Vào ngày 01/10/2017, tập thể NashTech đã vinh dự đón nhận một thông tin vô cùng tuyệt vời: Anh Nguyễn Lê Quỳnh Thiện (Thiện Nguyễn) – Engineering Manager – đã chính thức được Microsoft trao tặng danh hiệu Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2017-2018 tại hạng mục “Visual Studio and Development Technologies”. Đây là một hạng mục khó và chỉ có 3 người tại Việt Nam được Microsoft công nhận tính đến thời điểm hiện tại. Đây là lần thứ 2, một cá nhân xuất sắc của NashTech được vinh danh MVP.


Giải thưởng MVP của Microsoft có lịch sử trên 20 năm, là một trong những giải thưởng danh giá hướng tới đối tượng là những “thủ lĩnh cộng đồng” (community leader) xuất sắc, những người tích cực chia sẻ niềm đam mê, kinh nghiệm và kiến thức về các sản    phẩm/dịch vụ của Microsoft cho cộng đồng. Trong năm 2017, chỉ có 12 community leader đến từ khu vực Châu Á – Thái Bình Dương được Microsoft lựa chọn.


Anh Thiện Nguyễn có hơn 10 năm kinh nghiệm trong việc phát triển và thiết kế hệ thống phần mềm cho nhiều dự án thuộc những lĩnh vực khác nhau như tài chính, quảng cáo, mạng xã hội, thương mại điện tử, v.v… Được trao giải MVP, điều đó cho thấy những đóng góp của anh cho cộng đồng công nghệ Việt Nam thời gian qua là vô cùng to lớn và giá trị. Dù bận rộn với cương vị là một Quản lý kỹ thuật kiêm Kiến trúc sư tư vấn giải pháp về Microsoft và Cloud tại NashTech, anh vẫn luôn dành thời gian tham gia nhiều hội thảo chuyên ngành với vai trò diễn giả như VietNam Web Summit, .NET Conference HCM, Technical Meetups. Anh còn góp mặt trong Ban tổ chức của sự kiện “NashTech Connect – A Technology Adventure Through the Lasted Trends 2017”.


Là người tiên phong trong việc ứng dụng các công nghệ mới như .NET Core, Angular 4, Azure, AWS, anh Thiện Nguyễn đã góp phần không nhỏ trong việc đào tạo thành công nhiều thế hệ kỹ sư trẻ cho NashTech. Bên cạnh đó, anh còn phát triển SimplCommerce , một sản phẩm về website thương mại điện tử theo kiến trúc mô-đun, trở thành một trong những phần mềm mã nguồn mở sử dụng .NET Core phổ biến nhất trên Github. Bài viết về cách áp dụng kiến trúc mô-đun trên ASP.NET Core của anh được đăng trên rất nổi tiếng và được cộng đồng quốc tế đón nhận tích cực.


Chia sẻ về thành công của mình, anh Thiện Nguyễn cho biết bản thân “cảm thấy rất vui và tự hào vì đây là mục tiêu thử thách của bản thân anh trong năm 2017”. Với khát khao nâng tầm Việt Nam trên bản đồ công nghệ Thế giới, anh sẽ tiếp tục đóng góp vào việc xây dựng cộng đồng IT trong nước thông qua việc kết nối với nhiều người cùng đam mê và tích cực chia sẻ hơn nữa những kinh nghiệm thực tế tới cộng đồng.


NashTech vô cùng tự hào vì được làm việc với 1 thành viên xuất sắc như anh Thiện Nguyễn. Nhân sự kiện quan trọng này, NashTech xin gửi lời chúc mừng chân thành nhất tới anh và hi vọng anh sẽ tiếp tục đạt được nhiều cột mốc vinh quang khác trong sự nghiệp tương lai của mình.


On October 1, 2017, Mr. Nguyen Le Quynh Thien (Thien Nguyen) – Engineering Manager of NashTech – was officially awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2017-2018. This year, only 12 professionals from the Asia-Pacific region were selected to receive this honor. To date, only three Vietnamese professionals have been recognized by Microsoft within the competitive “Visual Studio and Development Technologies” category.


The prestigious MVP Awards with its history of over 20 years are given to exceptional community leaders, who actively share their passion, experience and knowledge of Microsoft products/services with others. Being recognized as a MVP clearly shows that Thien Nguyen’s contribution to the Vietnamese technology community over the past years is extremely enormous and valuable.


Thien Nguyen is a frequent speaker at various specialized events, including the VietNam Web Summit, .NET Conference HCM, Technical Meetups and NashTech Connect. As a pioneer in the application of new technologies, Thien Nguyen has contributed significantly to the successful training for many young engineers at NashTech. On top of that, he has developed SimplCommerce, a widely-known modular e-commerce website using .NET Core. His article “Modular Web application with ASP.NET Core” on has been well acknowledged by the international community.


With the desire to upgrade Vietnam’s position in the World’s Technology Map, Thien Nguyen aims to keep contributing to the domestic IT community by connecting more people with common interests in advanced technologies and actively sharing more practical experience with the community.


NashTech is immensely proud of having such an outstanding member as Thien Nguyen in our team. On this important occasion, NashTech would like to extend our sincere congratulations to him and hope that Thien Nguyen will continue to achieve many more milestones in his future career.

Vietnamese young talents are capable of undertaking global projects if given the opportunity

The IT industry is growing and changing every hour around the world, and in Vietnam specifically. Being able to catch up and respond quickly to the latest technology trends is always a challenge for young people. The concern is whether Vietnamese young people are able to get themselves involved in global technology projects with international colleagues.

Ms. Tran Phan Nam – HR Director at NashTech, has shared the opportunities and challenges that young talents are facing when participating in global technology projects.

Ms. Tran Phan Nam, HR Director of NashTech, has given positive comments on Vietnamese young talents in this fierce global market

The tendency to work at global company

The tendency to work for a multinational or foreign company is increasing, not only for senior employees, but also for fresh graduates. What do you think about this?

International companies attract potential employees in a number of ways such as the professional working environment, a wide range of opportunities to learn and the challenge to improve personal skills. In my opinion, young people are “trendy” by getting themselves ready for the type of company they want to contribute to, which are, mostly, international ones. This is not a trend of international orientation but just simply a choice. Being aware of future career opportunities encourages young people to make a huge effort for the place where they aspire to work.

Could you share about the advantages and disadvantages of working at a foreign company in general?

It can’t be denied that the professional environment of multinational companies offers employees more professional development opportunities, especially to work with foreign colleagues who come from different parts of the world.

Young people are proving that they are capable of undertaking global-scale projects if given the chance. For example, at NashTech, we create opportunities for young talents to participate in global projects and to provide the most dominant technology trends for “big” clients. By continuously taking part in international projects, you are always up to date with the world’s latest trends and being an effective employee in a multinational environment.

However, competitive pressure is inevitable in any workplace. It requires employees to keep learning and putting their best effort into work. Since technology always develops, failure to move forward will push you back. Let’s look on the bright side, you should see it as an opportunity to develop yourself (smile).

How has NashTech made its workplace more international?

As the technology and advisory department of Harvey Nash Group plc, NashTech focuses on creating a dynamic work environment, where employees are encouraged to express their own creativity and personal perspectives. NashTech is where you can collaborate with foreign co-workers on “big” projects such as handling and analysing over 100 million photos for billions of customers on Google shopping, or developing automated parking technology for Ford cars. It is in these projects that talents gain a solid background and can look ahead their long-term careers.

Stay local, impact global

How are NashTech employees trained to adapt to the global working environment?

At NashTech, knowledge and practical professional skills are set through the top leading projects with international, world-class clients as well as from your experienced colleagues. You will take part in our cultural exchange programs and employees are encouraged to participate in language courses, social events and sporting activities to ensure their work-life balance. Investment in human resources is always the top priority at NashTech.

Working in a multinational environment and learning from experienced colleagues are key advantages for employees of NashTech.

Do you think the young programmers and fresh graduates meet the criteria for working in a foreign company like NashTech?

Vietnam’s economy is growing strongly, resulting in a significant demand for human resources. At the moment, we are seeking young people who are creative, willing to learn and take on challenges. Having good communication skills, a high capability in foreign languages and being passionate to self-improve are also required, alongside expertise. Proving your talent is how to stand out from other potential employees at NashTech.

Are there any specific requirements for fresh graduates to work at NashTech?

Young people will be the next generation of NashTech’s employees. What we need from them is nothing more than their creativity, critical thinking, enthusiasm at work and teamwork. We are also proud of our Fresher and Direct Entry programs where young talents can be challenged and developed.

Finally, do you have any advice for young IT students?

“Success comes only to those who are patient.” And if you wish to work for multinational companies, you should be well-equipped with your language skills.

Thank you for the interview!