NashTech re-launches careers website in Vietnam

[Ho Chi Minh City, October 2017] NashTech, part of the Harvey Nash Group plc, a global technology, consulting and outsourcing company today announced the launch of its freshly revamped careers website in Vietnam.

The website has a clean uncluttered design, improved job search functionality and enhanced rich content focusing on the Company’s mission to recruit the best IT talent in Vietnam.

Cuong Nguyen, Managing Director

Cuong Nguyen, Managing Director

Managing Director, Cuong Nguyen said: “The need for a responsive website is key to any successful recruitment strategy and our site combines all the features that a candidate requires to help with their job search.”

“We have streamlined our job search functionality and made applying for a role much easier which will save candidates a considerable amount of time.”

“Not only have we added lots more functionality but we have made the site much easier to navigate and given it a slick, modern look and feel.”

Alongside being able to apply for a role with NashTech, the team of technology experts share hints and tips about working in the IT industry, demonstrating and enhancing the strength of the IT market in Vietnam.

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About NashTech

NashTech have been developing cloud based technology solutions, consulting businesses on how to adopt cloud and digital strategies and streamlining business processes for companies in a number of sectors to transform, grow and reach new markets from two development centres in Vietnam since 2000.

For further information please contact:

Kieu Lam Ngoc Tu

Marketing Manager, Vietnam


Telephone: +84 (8) 3810 6200 – ext.7406

9 Reasons Why IT Talents Should Work at NashTech

NashTech is a part of the Harvey Nash Group plc with a commitment to pursue the highest level of integrity and quality by developing cloud based technology solutions, consulting businesses on how to adopt cloud and digital strategies and delivering global technology projects creating big impacts for big clients, such as Ford, Google, Nestle, etc.

NashTech is developing their team, fulfilled by young talents who love challenges and desire to be “Global Citizens” doing global scale projects.

Here are 9 reasons why every IT talent should not miss an opportunity to work for NashTech.

1. The “Giant” in the global IT industry

NashTech is a part of Harvey Nash Group plc, and is ranked 14th among Vietnam’s best workplaces, according to the report by Nielsen and Alphabe. NashTech provides consulting and application development services, cloud services, develop digital platforms, analysis and system integration to some of the world’s leading businesses. The software products made by NashTech are developed and tested in two hi-tech centers in Vietnam, with over 1600 employees before being delivered to clients. Having experience at NashTech will be certainly a big plus on your CV.

2. To be part of the global scale projects

The coders working at NashTech are surrounded by the opportunities to participate in large global-scale projects for international clients from America, England, Australia, etc. At NashTech, programing is no longer a job where a computer is the only companion, but also challenges you to collaborate with other members, who are from different parts of the world. The group will have nothing in common, but the code lines and ideas. A lot of NashTech people from different parts of the world involved in the project creating street-based screen-technology for American presidential election. Thus, communication skills and teamwork are what you can obtain at NashTech, to become a “Global Coder”.

3. To become a real “keyboard hero”

NashTech defines that a programmer’s duty is not to constantly sit, for eight hours a day, typing codes, but the true values creator is to make the world a better place. Sure, at NashTech, you are the “heroes” of programming languages in global projects to create impacts. NashTech has developed a 3G software for more than 20 million smartphone users to make calls via Internet. In the end, a computer is just a machine. It’s the programmers who “spell” out the good changes.

4. To be part of a diverse working place as “bug”

NashTech is home to talented coders coming from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and cultures. You will have the chance to learn different ways of thinking and working strategies while delivering projects with foreign colleagues. NashTech creates a global working environment, which helps the employees not only improve their skills, expertise and lifestyle, but also be a truly international coder.

Dynamic international environment is what NashTech attracts IT talents

5. To learn the world’s technology trends

At NashTech, we move forward together! This working strategy is the key point that you will have to consider when joining the team at NashTech. Imagine NashTech as a giant in the technology industry and you are here, making your steps on the giant’s shoulder. Participating in global scale projects, you will be able to gain knowledge as well as practise the latest coding trends. What matters more to an IT engineer than getting themselves involved in the latest technology trends?

6. “Programmers are not machines”

This is the message that the employers want to send to their coders, you can be an advanced computer user but you are absolutely not a machine. Thus, work-life balance is always the value that NashTech strongly focuses on. You will struggle to find a coder’s stereotypical image in NashTech. Working for NashTech, you are creative coders, who are in the 21st century, have found their programming in classy and proactive ways. Travelling around, attending parties, or being a sports lover is something you can do when you are a member of NashTech.

NashTech football team

7. Fancy IT workplace at NashTech

Make your very first steps at NashTech with an open space office. No more worries about high-standing walls between you and your co-workers because in NashTech, you get to work in an open space office that is full of creativity. Specifically, labs that are equipped with world-class facilities, the pool that is as cool as the beach, and tennis table where you can release all of your stress are some of many things you get to enjoy here.

8. Having the international standard welfare

Great appreciation and high respect for true talents, enhancing logical thinking and creating an environment for staff to develop their capabilities with the large scale projects is what NashTech can offer future coders. These go along with a work life that fills you up with many outdoor activities and personal interests, such as football clubs, yoga clubs, health clubs or beauty meditation. They are all included to support the employees to become the innovative coders.

Open-space office at NashTech helps employees interact easier and gain more creativity

9. Having flexible working hours

Offering employees flexible working hours, NashTech turns out to be a unique company that attracts Vietnamese coders. No more demands of staying at the office throughout your day, NashTech allows employees to be flexible with your time because NashTech believe that IT professionals are not the followers, but the technology creators.

IT Girl and The Story of Travelling 17 Countries

Despite working in IT industry, Nguyen Thi Phong Ly can speak English as a native speaker and she is an avid Zumba dancer. Born in the 1980s, she travels abroad regularly to “go shopping”, loves trekking and has travelled in more than 17 countries.

Not like other IT girls, despite her ladylike appearance, Phong Ly is a pro in trekking. She has discovered and experienced the lifestyle and culture of 17 different countries, such as America, England, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Alaska and other wild lands. It is these trips that help Ly find new points of view for life and get a better understanding of cultures, helping her do better work in IT.

Phong Ly on a business trip in the USA

Having dreamt of being a tour guide, Phong Ly has found herself in the IT industry. Although she graduated from Information Technology Management and has been working in this field more than 15 years, she never regrets her decision to give up her ‘tour guide’ dream.

“When working at professional workplaces in IT companies, doing global projects, I have had many chances not only to learn and grow myself, but also to travel and experience different cultures”, Ly shares her opinions when working at NashTech.

From her first day at NashTech – an IT company and consulting business focusing on digital strategies, cloud based services and doing global projects, Ly has had the chance not only to challenge herself in different aspects in a professional company, but also to travel to UK and USA. NashTech is a part of Harvey Nash Group plc, and has offices in Vietnam and more than 8 other countries.

Phong Ly in her own trip


Phong Ly said, “I work at NashTech as a Business Analyst, bridging the clients to other areas of the company. I am in charge of the market in Europe and America, so I have a lot of chances to travel to countries in these areas. I have just come back after six months working in Seattle (USA).” Ly also shared that, if she were a tour guide, she would never have had opportunities to work at global companies as she does today.

Ly has been to the USA five times and to the UK four times. Each visit normally lasts around six months. Apart from the work, she loves trekking and has found that she still has time to discover wild lands of America, such as Alaska, Sequoia, Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Mountain Rainier and has spent time roaming the old towns of Europe.

During her time working in Vietnam, Phong Ly also has chances to “travel” every day when working with people having different cultural backgrounds in multi-national environment of NashTech.


“Travelling and IT are two of my passions”, Phuong Ly said

“NashTech offers me lots of opportunities to travel abroad, which helps expose me to new things. I can see myself growing up, seeing life, cultures and people in multi-points of view. It is the experiences that helps me work more efficiently with foreign clients. Only when we understand their cultures and languages do they see us as teammates, not service-providers”, the girl born in 1980s shared.

When asked whether Ly feels bored of the IT work, which is usually considered boring and colourless, Ly shakes her head. “Working in a global company and doing many different global projects, I can see myself being challenged and growing every day. That is the dream of every IT practitioner. Additionally, my colleagues are joyful and energetic. Contrary to the stereotypical image of coders – “big head with big nerdy glasses”, thanks to the international environment, we are very open-minded. It is not easy to find such a great place to work in this IT industry”, Ly shared.



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NashTech: A 20-year journey to develop talent in Vietnam

Ranked as the 2nd biggest technology company in Vietnam by Vinasa (2016), NashTech, part of Harvey Nash Group plc, is one of the most desirable workplaces for IT practitioners and engineers. Mr Paul Smith, CEO of NashTech Vietnam, has shared the journey of NashTech in Vietnam throughout the past 20 years.

NashTech – A journey in Vietnam

In 1998, Harvey Nash entered Vietnam’s market while Internet was first launched in Vietnam. Why did Harvey Nash decide to invest and start from scratch? What potential did you see in such a new, underdeveloped market at that time?

In 1998 the Internet, or the World Wide Web as it is known, was not used much internationally, let alone in Vietnam. Thus, we were not looking to develop an Internet-based company, but a people-based one. We wanted to have young people who were productive, able to respond to technology development requirements and understand international business as well as learn and communicate in English properly. At that time, Vietnam’s market was emerging. That’s why we chose Vietnam.

Presented in Vietnam for 20 years as Harvey Nash and recently re-positioning its software development division as NashTech in 2016, what has NashTech Vietnam achieved?

Up to now, NashTech has become the number two technology company in Vietnam’s market. Our business operates in 42 offices worldwide and it is the strongest business of Vietnam in Europe. We are also one of the most sustainable companies in Vietnam with innovation at our heart and seeing significant business growth.

Can you share some projects completed by NashTech that you are proud of?

A really good example of recent work we have done is that we developed the automatic parking technology used by car manufacturer, Ford. It enables Ford cars to use GPS to find a parking location nearby, then guide them to park in the identified lot. It also reminds the users when the parking time is coming to an end. That technology is now going worldwide.

Another example of innovation is for a major Asian property development company. We have developed Hololens technology which enables potential buyers to view an apartment, walk around it, and even place furniture in situ to get a feel for what it would be like to live there.

All of these innovations are developed by the people at NashTech Vietnam.

What is the vision of development of NashTech in the future?

Our vision is to develop our team as technology and business innovators. We are looking to double our size in the next two years. We see our people as the biggest future, so we focus on talent development, making sure they are well trained, well developed and well looked after. In return, we get high productivity. We make sure everyone is kept up to date with the latest trends and get as much opportunity as we can to give them direct experience of these technologies. At the moment, we are focusing on wearable technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more traditional technology such as cloud.

Mr. Paul Smith, CEO of NashTech Vietnam: “The person focusing on developing their skills, experiences and career will be the person who wins in the end”

In your opinion, how has the IT industry in Vietnam changed over the last 20 years? Where does IT stand in the region and the world?

The market has matured. When we first came here, nobody had the experience of developing for international clients, the technology and computer science skills were not as strong as they are today. There were only few people in the market who really understood technology and international demands. Now the industry has developed rapidly. There is a much bigger pool of IT talent with a lot of experience. Additionally, IT is now one of six sectors of growth in the future as committed to by the Vietnamese government.

Speaking frankly, it’s still nowhere compared to India or China, in terms of the volume of people and maturity of the market. But Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi individually are both now ranked in the top 50 for technology outsourcing. Over the next five years, I believe the technology industry in Vietnam will grow more and gradually move away from outsourcing to innovation and invention.

That’s because of the talent in Vietnam. Vietnamese people are very different, they are creative, want to turn their ideas to reality and contribute to make clients’ projects better. When they are interested, they are really productive. That’s what we are looking for.

What has NashTech done to attract and develop IT talent?

Our first priority is talent development. We want to ensure everyone gets trained, be challenged and developed. What we do is to get our talent to gain more experience by working on international projects for some of the most innovative companies in the world, such as Google, Ford and NSK which, in turn, helps them improve their language skills and improve their experience on their CVs.

That is where they gain experience, knowledge and be more valuable in the future.

We have fantastic social life with all sorts of activities and events. We treat our female and male employees equally and around 50% of our employees are female, many of whom have joined us for their career development.

Do you have any advice for IT graduates to be more competitive?

University graduates, when applying for their first job, should ask themselves “How can I develop my career?” An average person works for at least 40 years. They should think about what they will gain in 10 years’ time, not 1 years’ time. It is all about patience.

For example, Mr Nguyen Hung Cuong, General Director of NashTech Vietnam, joined NashTech as a junior manager in 2005. He has followed his career plan and used NashTech to develop his skills. As a consequence, he now leads our business in Vietnam.

So, be patient. The person focused on developing their skills, experiences and career will be the person who wins in the end. And NashTech guarantees to offer a long-term career that allows people to develop their expertise.

Thank you for the interview!

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Where is the opportunity for IT graduates to reach their dreams?

The demand for IT programmers has surged to a new historic peak, according to the employment data report on VietnamWorks and topITworks. While there are many opportunities for students in the IT industry, seeking an ideal workplace to show their talents and making their footprints on the big industry present challenges for IT students.

Informational technology – A “gold” land hungry for human resources

As the IT industry is growing, it plays an important role across different industries. In the time that both local and international technology companies keep expanding their market shares in Vietnam, the IT industry turns out to be the most hungry one for employees. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, the demand for IT human resources increases by 13% annually. Following the national human resources planning, it requires millions of Vietnamese workers to meet the demand of the industry. Besides, the latest Navigos Search’s report shows that the needs for recruiting programmers and software engineers are significantly rising.

With the high level of skills, knowledge, creativity and hardworking attitude, Vietnamese young engineers are undoubtedly outstanding candidates to be part of the professional work environment. However, many of them have the same weakness, which is lacking of communication skills. The limit in using English is the main cause preventing them from the opportunities and being part of the global-scale projects. Thus, it requires the Vietnamese young IT talents to spend huge effort on gaining knowledge and expertise to raise their names in a highly-competitive international environment.

NashTech – The kick-start for Vietnamese young IT talents

An ideal working environment, where the focus is on talents reaching their potential and having wide opportunities to learn and work on the very large scale projects, is how the young IT talents should start their careers. Rising to be one of Vietnam’s IT leading companies, NashTech – part of Harvey Nash Group plc is the dream workplace for Vietnamese young IT talents. NashTech, with 20 years of experience providing consulting and technology development services, cloud services, developing digital platforms, analysis and integrating systems to the world’s leading businesses, is powered by over 1,600 talented engineers and specialists to do global projects for “big” clients, such as Google, Ford and Nestle.

NashTech aims to build an international working environment with its employees coming from different parts of the world and promote its talent development policies. Gaining practical learning experience is the outstanding point that NashTech offers for their employees. The policy strongly focuses on the development of employees’ talents making NashTech one of the most desirable workplaces for the young IT talents. Thus, NashTech is probably a “gold” beginning for any engineers or IT talents who aim to build their professional careers. Along with optimising employees’ potentials, NashTech always encourages its employees to make their first steps on a challenging, exciting and full of opportunities career path.

Being challenged through global projects helps NashTech’s employees grow fast.

Being a man’s world is what come to people’s mind whenever they hear of IT employees; however, NashTech, proves this is far from the truth. The policies of fairness and equal talent development bring the special favors to NashTech’s female employees.

Women are empowered to enhance their abilities as to do their favorite job at NashTech. It is rare to see a woman who gets herself in the IT industry because women tend to play a minor part, or to be assumed as those who are not able to hold the leadership position.


NashTech focuses on fairness and equal talent development

However, NashTech has proved this idea to be completely wrong. “NashTech gives me a life that I desire to be living with traveling, the chances to meet many people, to gain more knowledge, and, most importantly, empowers me to be a stronger and joyful person”, said Ly, one of the female leaders within the company.

For fresh IT graduates, finding the first workplace is very important to give them the direction for their career paths, and personal development in the future.

Meanwhile, the IT industry is increasing its demands for the talents who are not only the highly-skilled employees, but also have good communication skills and high capability of foreign languages, to get them involved in the global market trend.

Submit your CV to us today and kick start your career with NashTech – part of Harvey Nash Group plc;


Remember: Go Wherever, Because You Can…


Who is NashTech?

An interview with Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer at NashTech, about the beginnings of NashTech in Vietnam…An interview with Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer at NashTech, about the beginnings of NashTech in Vietnam…

Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer, NashTech

Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer, NashTech

When did the business start and what has been the business journey so far?

NashTech started operating in Vietnam in 2000.
We began outsourcing because a key client wanted to cancel our contracting relationship and transfer their staff to India. To ensure that we retained the business, we set out to find a solution.
Over dinner, we met a local Vietnamese who was passionate about Vietnam and the opportunity within the country so we investigated the possibilities, visited Hanoi and set up our operations that same year.
Why Vietnam?
The interesting thing is the perception by the west of Vietnam, used to be one of helicopters rising over the jungle in the sunset. That was nearly 20 years ago and could not be further from the truth. Vietnam is a fast maturing economy with a population of over 96 million, a solid education system that is supported by the most stable government in Asia. It is a single party system but is very entrepreneurial and is predicted to be a top 20 economy by 2050 according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

People perceive that the only reason we are in Vietnam is that it is a low cost economy. Whilst that is true, Vietnam is strong in innovation.

Key to our philosophy is not to be a company just providing inexpensive code, we work with clients to help them transform their businesses, to innovate and to invent in order to create a competitive edge.
Vietnam is a great country to do business in:

  • 83% of graduates study a science subject
  • Vietnam has been in the top 3 at the mathematics Olympics for a decade
  • average age of the population is 35
  • the economy is growing at a rate of 7% per annum
  • the technology sector is key to government strategy
  • it is the 13th most populous country in the world

The people are very friendly, productive, straightforward. They are prepared to say no and the government is very conducive to doing business, particularly with the technology sector.

NashTech has been in Vietnam for nearly 20 years and is one of the two biggest tech companies in the country. Was this the plan or expectation when you opened the offices there?

NashTech is the largest foreign business and second largest tech business in Vietnam. We did not start out planning to be the biggest and we do not grow for the sake of growing. We are pleased to have a large number of staff and to have grown so significantly.

Our philosophy is to grow based on being the best. Our objective is to serve our clients’ needs and, in doing so, deliver profitability to our shareholders. Becoming number two is a great side benefit of that.

As Deputy Chair of the UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC) and Vietnam-UK Network (VN-UK Network) you have maintained strong relationships with government. Why do you think these ties continue to be important?

Being involved in the UK-ABC and Vietnam-UK Network enables us to engage with government to solve challenges. An example of that is when we won a major deal in 2007 working on new 4G mobile technology called LTE technology. We needed to open a centre in Vietnam with a large development lab and a lot of expensive hardware to test mobile communications locally. To do that on our own it would take two years to get the licences, to import the hardware and to run a live network in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our relationships through the Vietnamese Government, the UKABC and VN-UK Network enabled us to meet Government officials to explain the benefits of the project which included the number of jobs that would be created if we are able to resolve our challenges. Following discussions we rapidly gained licenses which reduced a two year process to just three months.

We also believe as a company in putting back into the economy that has been good to us. I put a lot of time into supporting the Vietnamese Government through the UKABC and the VN-UK Network. Corporate social responsibility is important to us and we are committed to a number of charities, with a particular focus on helping underprivileged children to receive an education.

One of the things we do is deliver bikes to children so they can go to school, we also deliver rice to family in rural regions. Often children have to go to work to earn money which buys rice to feed the family. If we give the families rice, the children can go to school and gain an education which will further strengthen the economy.

What are your ‘top tips’ to businesses looking to export or establish themselves in Vietnam?


Vietnam is going to become one of the biggest markets in the world, early entry is important. You have to build relationships with people.

People think they can go there on a visit and expect to do the rest by email; this approach will not work. It is all about building trust and being willing to talk face-to-face. Once you do that you can start to do business.

Our interview with Paul Smith gives interesting insight into how NashTech started doing business in Vietnam. Fast forward to today and NashTech has grown into the largest foreign company in Vietnam.
This interview launches a series of blogs that cover all aspects of our business including our key service lines, Advisory and Consulting Services, Software Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services and will deep dive into some of the latest technologies and trends to watch in 2017.