How Nashers give back to the Community in Ho Chi Minh City

Every year NashTech and our Nashers pour their heart and soul into their ‘Community Day’. 2019 was another great year, and we were so happy to give back to the community we live in. We chose Maison Chance to see how we could in some way contribute to the amazing work they do. This charity provide housing, health care, education and vocational training, and a place where the under-privileged Vietnamese children and the disabled can study and work. It also offers them the means to facilitate their rehabilitation and their reinsertion into social life.

A springboard for orphans, street children, disadvantaged people and the physically handicapped in Vietnam

Mason Chance’s have three centers in Vietnam: The Shelter, the Take Wing Center and the Village Chance. The Shelter welcomes 70 people with physical disabilities, orphans and street children. The Take Wing Center provides vocational training to about 60 adults. At the Village Chance, about 150 disadvantaged children are provided with free schooling and about 20 families are accommodated.

We chose this charity because we were so touched by the story of Maison Chance, which is run by Swiss National, Tim Aline Rebeaud. Tim Aline Rebeaud has a loving heart and decided to relocate her life to Vietnam. She is fulfilling her aspiration to bring life-changing opportunities to less fortunate people.

Community Day 13th November 2019

38 members of our team travelled 300 km from Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City to the Maison Chance center in Daknong carrying along an important message: “Giving small love, you will receive great happiness”. Bringing along ample passion, youth, caring and profound love for the children, we were lucky to have given many meaningful gifts to the children at the center.

Through the NashTech Community Day 2019, we were able to contribute a little towards the living, learning and developing for the children and adults at Maison Chance. We worked closely with the staff at Maison Chance and were able to donate 1,000 notebooks; 500 confectionery and milk items and 2 trees for shade in the grounds.

NashTech Scholarships for disadvantaged children to attend Maison Chance

We are also so proud to have funded 16 scholarships to Maison Chance in Ho Chi Minh City and Dak Nong province. We helped to run a scholarship ceremony for the children with difficult financial circumstances took place. We awarded 16 scholarships valued 80 million Dong for the 2019-2020 school year.

We understand that knowledge and learning are the tools for human development, and that is why these scholarships mean so much to all our team. The journey not only helps awaken the compassion of Nasher, but also inspires the faith of love in our life.

At Maison Chance, we can live a truly normal life – Bich Tram, a member of Maison Chance.

After the ceremonies, our 38 Nashers also made some drinks, organizing mini games for the kids to join and eat together. Infused with the innocent laughter of the children was the emotional contemplation of the Nashers.

Before we left in the evening, our Nashers secretly organized a birthday party for nearly 160 students and the disabled people. This was the first time for them to have a birthday party in such a big family and in such a special surrounding like this. This is such an unforgettable memory for us, and we are so privileged to help.

Here, NashTech says “we care”, Nashers say “we share the love”

Join and be a part of us to share the love at 

If you would like to support Maison Chance, please donate online here:

How Nashers give back to the Community in Hanoi

Besides the mission that “Delivering technology excellence”, NashTech also focuses on the construction and development of Corporate Social Responsibility.

NashTech believes that spiritual values are the ones that really bring people together. Because of that, an annual event named Community Day always takes place with the goal: NashTech shares with the community.

This year we chose to support Sapa Hope Center, a non-profit project aiming to provide shelter for homeless mountain children from surrounding villages and free English lessons to anyone in the local community. About 20 homeless children currently rely on support from their extended families and their local community; there is no government assistance for this demographic. Sapa Hope Center will help to ease the community burden and offer these children a brighter future.

Always understanding the importance of learning for each individual’s development, NashTech have helped to build a long-term and sustainable English language school for ethnic minorities at SaPa Hope Center.

All of them have a hard life in Ta Phin village, SaPa. The Nashers in our Hanoi Development Center has raised a total of 20 million VND for building a school, creating a bookcase and also lots of warm clothes, confectionery and milk and books for this project.

Why we chose Sapa Hope Center

Sapa Hope Center was founded by a philosophical entrepreneur named Peter Thuong. While living in Hanoi about ten years ago, Peter visited Sapa and was moved by the stories of the mountain children who walked many miles each day to sell trinkets and handicrafts to Sapa tourists in order to support their families. He learned that some children had lost parents due to illness or injury in the field. Peter was inspired to help, so in 2011 he opened Sapa Backpackers, a hostel/coffee shop whose profits would fund construction and maintenance of Sapa Hope Center.

NashTech becomes an ideal working environment for every Nasher. Because this place gives the Nasher not only conditions to create tangible components but also an opportunity to give away intangible components.

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Here comes the brand new look for NashTech

NashTech, a pioneer in technology outsourcing and business process services officially announced our new logo and brand image on January 15th 2020.

The strong and impressive design applied to NashTech’s brand design honors our dynamic and creative people, who are working in the constantly changing technology world. This new visual identity was deeply influenced by the opinions, thoughts and the amazing character of our wonderful people, who are called ‘Nashers.’

Because we always uphold the creativity and dedication of our members.

‘We’re proud to share this key milestone of our business with you. In 2020 we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and so we couldn’t think of a better time to modernize the NashTech brand. Our new visual identity proudly sits high in a digital world which races ever forward to exciting change.’ Nick Lonsdale, CEO.

We have come a long way with many remarkable milestones since the establishment of NashTech in 1990. NashTech has grown to be the highest ranked international outsourcing business in Vietnam.
In 2017, 2018 and 2019, NashTech has been awarded the prestigious Sao Khue awards in Software Outsourcing and Business Process Service categories. In addition, our company has been ranked 14th in the top 100 places to work in Vietnam in 2019.

Why did we make this change?

The world of technology and software development is an unstoppable, ever changing and innovating place. The original NashTech brand was first used before Facebook was invented, so we want to ensure our brand is future-facing. That’s why we decided our 20th Anniversary was the right time to refresh the look.

NashTech’s new brand announcement event took place in Ho Chi Minh City

This new brand image emphasizes simplicity and also has many other significant meanings.

How has the NashTech brand changed? A new logo

The red color, a special trademark of NashTech, is retained, but the logo is now stronger and sharper. As a declaration to the world, the logo has been developed to be is simple, innovative and bold.

The dot at the end of the letters is an affirmation of NashTech. We are NashTech. It’s an important punctuation to show that we are bold and decisive.

The square frame is the symbol of creativity and possibility. It conversely represents boundaries that we break in our ambition to deliver technology excellence.



NashTech’s brand was brought to life by our living color. The energy of these stunningly vibrant color transitions elevates our brand with a sophisticated yet modern look and feel.

Having images interact with the frame shows that within any given framework, we are agile, and constantly moving forward. This is so important to NashTech people, our Nashers. Everyone in the company is given the chance to embody everything the brand represents: 

  • Dedicated
  • Agile
  • Constantly moving forwards
  • Vibrant
  • Bold
  • Decisive
  • Full of energy
  • Creative
  • Full of possibility
  • Breaking boundaries
  • Future facing


Come one and take one step forwards to join NashTech family today!

COVID-19: We’re ready to support you

Dear clients, candidates and contractors,

We at the Harvey Nash Group have never been more ready to support you. To find great talent as always, to create flexible solutions for your workforce needs, to design and deliver technology solutions to drive you successfully through the times ahead and have you ready to bounce back faster and stronger when we come through the other side. 

We have been preparing at the very start of when the virus appeared in China, testing our home working systems and practices, doing everything possible to keep our people safe and ensuring our online business doors are wide open and ready to operate from our homes around the world. 

We are here ready to support you and proactively reaching out to all our clients, candidates and contractors. Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions or need our help.

Best regards,

Bev White, CEO Harvey Nash Group

VNITO Summit 2019: Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation

[Ho Chi Minh City, October 24, 2019] – NashTech, the software development and technology solutions company in Vietnam, was delighted to attend and speak at the Vietnam ITO summit this year. The theme was Vietnam – The Emerged Destination for Innovation. 

Vietnam ITO Summit is the biggest bi-annual conference for IT solutions, products and services in Vietnam. It aims to promote Vietnam as a technology destination among the top IT countries in the world. The event gathered together over 500 delegates and hosted 200 business matching sessions. Visitors, speakers and delegates came from universities, Consulates, Trade Associations and technology companies from all over Vietnam. There were also over 150 delegates from overseas.

NashTech’ representatives at Business Matching session in VNITO event 2019

NashTech’ representatives at Business Matching session in VNITO event 2019

Innovation through modernising IT systems

Loan Pham, NashTech CTO presented to all delegates and listed some key options that companies can consider modernising their businesses. These were: 

  1. Encapsulating: Use the features and value of existing applications, making them available as services. 
  1. Rehosting: Move components to a new physical or cloud infrastructure.
  1. Re-Platforming: Leave applications nearly as they are, adapted to a new platform. 
  1. Refactoring: Optimise existing code on the backend without changing front end behaviour or features. 
  1. RearchitectingFind new and better capabilities for applications with a complete shift in code.
  1. Rebuilding: Build new applications from scratch but with a similar function and scope.
  1. Replacing: Take new business requirements into account and build from the ground up. 

The key takeaway from our CTO’s presentation was that by applying emerging technologies to the innovation processes, enterprises can conquer challenges and create a competitive advantage.


Ms Loan Pham, CTO of NashTech Vietnam is presenting about Innovation through modernizing IT system” 

Ms Loan Pham, CTO of NashTech Vietnam is presenting about Innovation through modernizing IT system”

Vietnam and Japan Cooperation in Industry 4.0 

Our Country Manager of Japan, Vicky Chan also participated in an excellent panel discussion. Alongside representatives from Japanese Governors and Japanese IT and Tech companies, this panel discussed some success stories of working with Vietnam IT services companies. They highlighted the best business models and new cooperation initiatives for Japanese and Vietnamese partners. Most importantly they discussed how Vietnamese companies can scale up in the Japanese market. 


Ms. Vicky Chan joined the panel “Vietnam and Japan Cooperation in Industry 4.0” 

Ms. Vicky Chan joined the panel “Vietnam and Japan Cooperation in Industry 4.0”

We all know that offshore development in Vietnam is wellknown and has a great reputation. Vietnam has great developers that support their clients in both new projects and software maintenance. NashTech Vietnam is a pioneer in offshore development because we’ve had development centres in Vietnam for nearly 20 years. (In Japanese, we call it as Shinise), we actually do a lot of innovation projects from scratch with clients.

We not only emphasise our new technology radars like AI and blockchain. We involve our clients from the very beginning by starting with their vision. Once we know the vision of clients, we provide our solutions matching with modern technologies. Here I would like to say, the key to success is to share the vision together firstly, then work on the technologies.  

Vicky Chan, Country Manager of NashTech Japan. 

About NashTech 

NashTech enables innovative business and digital transformation through IT services spanningSoftware ServicesBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Consulting. It operates globally to support organisations with both outsourcing and consultancy requirements.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you utilize the latest technologies, innovate and stay ahead of your competition.  

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About VNITO 

The Vietnam ITO event is organized by VNITO Alliance, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), Investment & Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) and partners, in order to promote the Vietnam IT industry, gather Vietnam software enterprises and create an effective bridge between the IT Vietnamese companies to the world. 

NashTech named 2019 Vietnam’s 50+10 Leading IT companies

On October 22nd, NashTech was awarded the Top 50 + 10 Vietnam’s leading IT Companies in 2019 by VINASA (the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services (IT) Association). 

The prestigious award is held annually to honor businesses with great contributions to the transition and transformation of the Vietnam IT industry. 

The finalists were chosen through rigorous evaluation rounds with specific criteria including revenue, investment levelinvolvement in the process of Vietnam’s digital transformation, the economic efficiency the business brings to society, …  

Ms Tu Kieu, Marketing Manager, received Top 50 + 10 Vietnam’s leading IT companies award.

Winning the prestigious award is a great recognition for NashTech’s ongoing efforts in the development of the Vietnamese ICT community, digital transformation and better supporting Vietnam’s IT businesses 

As one of the biggest IT companies in Vietnam, NashTech is motivated to continue creating sustainable values​ for the ICT industry in Viet Nam for years to come. 

About NashTech 

NashTech enables innovative business and digital transformation through IT services spanningSoftware Services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Consulting. It operates globally to support organisations with both outsourcing and consultancy requirements.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you utilize the latest technologies, innovate and stay ahead of your competition.  

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