Health care

Medical insurance

We provide health check ups for all staff on an annual basis and offer a premium health insurance programme (incl. inpatient & outpatient) for all staff & their dependents.

Regular health talks are also organised with reputable doctors / physicians.

Leave of absence

Annual leave

Employees enjoy 14 paid holiday days each year, with an additional 1 day for every 5 years of service.


– New Year’s Day
– Lunar New Year
– Hung Kings Commemoration
– Liberation Day & Labor Day
– National Day

Work life programmes

Childcare solutions

NashTech offers a day care centre for younger children and a back to school programme for older children.

Recreation & sports

Sport clubs are open to all Nashers to promote healthy lifestyles. These include:
– Badminton
– Football
– Ping-pong
– Swimming
– Tennis
– Yoga

Family care

We understand how important your family is and whilst you are a member of our NashTech family, we will celebrate with you by offering a number of fun activities which include:
– Family Tour
– Children’s Day
– Father’s Day
– Mother’s Day



Our dedicated trainers are on hand to offer you a wide range of training courses & programmes to develop your career at NashTech. These include:
– Technical training
– Soft skills training
– Management & leadership development programmes

Work life programmes

Engagement activities

We believe that NashTech has proved to be a great place to work where our employees connect through many activities such as:
– Company trip
– Special moment gifts (birthday, wedding, arrival of a child)
– Team building
– Year-end party
– Health & beauty clubs
– Charity activities