Our Senior Team

NashTech is an exciting place to seize fantastic career opportunities, build life-long friendships and enjoy the exhilaration of working in an international tech business.


Chief Executive Officer

My dream is to make Vietnam known as the best service provider in technology, to nurture Vietnam talents and contribute to economic growth. With NashTech, my dream is a reality!


Managing Director, Vietnam

It is my privilege to represent across our markets, a technology capability based upon intelligent insight, along with a genuine commitment to do right by our customers.

Neil Snelling

Sales Director

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy to have

James Hilton

Finance Director

Always be patient, never stop learning and always be willing to take on new challenges. Success comes only to those who are patient.


HR Director

Working for a company where I make a difference is what drives me. Every member of the team has the chance to make a difference and seeing this everyday at NashTech inspires me!


Marketing Director

We have a culture of delivering innovative solutions to complex business problems by empowering our people to be creative and encouraging them to be on a continuous learning path.

Vibhu Sinha

International Technology Director

Bring your passion and enthusiasm to work, we will guarantee you success!


Director – BPO

World-class talent can experiment with world-class technology at NashTech where we leverage the right technology to provide high-class, quality solutions.


Technical Director

NashTech feels like home, where work is not just work but a place I can contribute, where teammates are brothers and sisters and it is where I found my life purpose and values.


Chief Security Officer

My project team members will not HAVE to work over time. If they do, they just want to be better than others.


Delivery Manager

A great career journey is to deliver, support, train, coach, play, learn, enjoy and grow together as part of an innovative and passionate team.


Delivery Manager

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships ~ Michael Jordan


Delivery Manager

Keep your head up because SUCCESS doesn't come from giving up. Just DREAM big, WORK hard, and BELIEVE that you can do anything you put your mind to.


Technical Manager


Thien Nguyen

Engineering Manager

What I like the most in NashTech is to have the opportunity to work with many talented people.

Quynh Diep Lan

Senior QC Engineer

At NashTech, I’m encouraged and empowered to take on challenges and I am inspired to commit and achieve the common goals of NashTech.

Duy Tong Hai

Senior Software Engineer

I’ve grown from a Fresher to a Senior Software Engineer thanks to NashTech. I am not only trained in technology but I have been given the skills I need to supplement improve my knowledge. My sincere thanks to NashTech for what the company has brought me over the last three years!

Hieu Phan Minh

Principal Business Analyst

NashTech is the fastest entry for Vietnam talents to participate in IT world-class solutions.

Le Bui Huu

Software Engineer

While working at NashTech I’ve met many good people, the working environment is very professional and friendly and I always try my best to keep up with the pace.