Exploring Azure Open Source Day with NashTech Experts

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Exploring Azure Open Source Day with NashTech Experts


In an engaging online seminar titled “Azure Open Source Day: Building Smart Applications Quickly and Easily with Open Source Code,” Microsoft Vietnam provided a platform for IT enthusiasts to delve into the latest advancements in open-source technologies. The event, held on various platforms including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Developer Facebook Fanpage, and Microsoft Vietnam’s YouTube channel, featured a trio of NashTech experts: Mr. Thang Chung, Mr. Phi Huynh, and Mr. Phuong Le.

Key highlights of the seminar included:

– Direct Experience with Azure and Open Source Technologies: Attendees were treated to live presentations on application development using Azure and the latest open-source technologies. The discussion also covered the structure of cloud-native and microservices, offering valuable insights into contemporary software architecture.

– Building Applications on Cloud-Native Architecture: Participants learned practical approaches to building applications on cloud-native architecture, exploring both relational and non-relational databases with a focus on Azure Cosmos DB and PostgreSQL.

– Optimizing Investments in Open Source Code: The expert speakers shared effective methods to optimize investments in open-source code, emphasizing the role of open-source technologies in fostering innovation and creativity.

The seminar aimed to equip IT enthusiasts with invaluable knowledge, providing a comprehensive understanding of the potential applications and benefits of open-source technologies in the rapidly evolving landscape of IT.

NashTech expresses the hope that participants found the seminar enriching and anticipates continuing to share valuable insights in upcoming seminars. The collaboration between NashTech experts and Microsoft Vietnam serves as a testament to the commitment to knowledge-sharing and fostering innovation within the IT community.

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