NashTech Acquires Knoldus to Expand in North America

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NashTech Acquires Knoldus to Expand in North America


NashTech has recently acquired Knoldus as part of its expansion plan in North America by 2023.

Knoldus, a technology consulting and solutions company, boasts over 300 employees across Canada, the United States, Singapore, and two development centers in India. The company’s innovative data, cloud-based machine learning, and high-performance real-time data systems have earned it a spot on the Fortune 500 list.

The acquisition strengthens NashTech’s position in the world’s largest technology market and expands its expertise in the cloud and data sectors. It also enhances NashTech’s global development center capabilities, extending its reach from Vietnam and Latin America to India.

Nick Lonsdale, CEO of NashTech Global, expressed his optimism about the acquisition, stating that Knoldus’ extensive experience in cloud and data solutions will undoubtedly elevate their service offerings. He also anticipates that the acquisition will open up more opportunities and potential customers during this expansion period.

Vikas Hazrati, CEO of Knoldus, shared his excitement about joining NashTech, stating that the merger will allow them to build on their past decade of achievements and offer more digital transformation solutions to potential customers.

Nguyen Hung Cuong, Managing Director of NashTech Vietnam, also commented positively on the acquisition, stating that it will assist in implementing technological solutions and providing superior customer service.

Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared, expressed that the acquisition signifies a notable advancement for NashTech in the prospective North American market. This campaign is a crucial component of Nash Squared’s fundamental expansion strategy, aimed at establishing it as a prevalent worldwide standard in the realm of technology solutions and recruitment.

About Knoldus:

Knoldus is a company that provides services to support the operation and development of businesses by enabling the incorporation of future technologies. They assist organizations in thriving in the digital age by leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernizing core technology, optimizing and automating operations, and driving digital growth. Visit their website at

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