NashTech Welcomes 140 candidates in BA Fresher 2023 Program

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NashTech Welcomes 140 candidates in BA Fresher 2023 Program


NashTech HCM extends a warm welcome to over 140 potential candidates who have joined the BA Fresher 2023 program. This comprehensive, three-month full-time training program is designed for individuals new to the field of Business Analysis.

The official launch of BA Fresher 2023 took place during the Open Day event held in early March. The seminar attracted students from prestigious universities such as RMIT University, the University of Economics and Law, and the Open University, reflecting the growing interest in the field of Business Analysis among aspiring professionals.

During the Open Day event, students had the opportunity to:

– Learn About BA Fresher 2023: Gain insights into the program structure, objectives, and the professional work environment and culture at NashTech.

– Engage with Mr. Tan Tran: Mr. Tan Tran, BA Team Manager at NashTech, facilitated discussions, shared experiences, and provided valuable insights into the career path in Business Analysis.

– Complete NashTech’s Competency Assessment: Participate in competency assessments to gauge their readiness for the dynamic world of Business Analysis.

Upon successful completion of the three-month BA Fresher 2023 Program, candidates will have the chance to officially join NashTech as members and contribute to global campaigns. The program is not only a learning opportunity but also a stepping stone for individuals to embark on a rewarding career in the tech industry.

For those eager to explore future opportunities, NashTech encourages them to stay tuned for announcements about upcoming seasons of BA Fresher on the official Fanpage. This initiative underscores NashTech’s commitment to nurturing and developing talent in the field of Business Analysis.

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