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DevOps Technical Architect


The DevOps Technical Architect is responsible to design, build and maintain the CI/CD solutions for dedicated/ distributed / hybrid cloud environments. The DevOps Technical Architect works with software developers and other production IT staff to oversee code releases.

  • Operations working together with engineers to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way during the product’s development life cycle;
  • Design scenario, script, and utilities to automate repeatable administrator tasks such as deployment, backup/restore, package, and so on;
  • Design, configure, and manage CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) solutions for monolithic and distributed systems (including microservices systems) and integrate with other toolsets (e.g. Slack / Jira / Git …);
  • Propose suitable system specifications, may leverage relevant tools or technologies such as K8s, Docker Swarm cluster, cluster storages, or relevant cloud services;
  • Design solution for system Logging management;
  • Research new technologies then transfer to DevOps team;
  • Consult the development team to troubleshoot and resolve performance and security issues;
  • Consult development team to design suitable infrastructure for the product;
  • Design infrastructure architecture that enables working with high load traffic systems (more than 500 active users);
  • Establish a technical environment for the development team;
  • Establish infrastructure for automation testing and performance testing;
  • Establish infrastructure for Big Data solution, BI, DB cluster;
  • Review the physical design of existing systems;
  • Work independently or lead a DevOps team;
  • Conduct technical training for project and DevOps team;
  • To support for presales activities (R&D, estimation, pilot PoC, etc, …);
  • To support recruitment in the company;
  • To perform training/seminars at least once a year.


  • Deep knowledge of Windows, Linux, Mac administration;
  • Deep knowledge and experience of computer networking;
  • Good knowledge of system scripting: PowerShell on Windows, Linux Shell command, Python, and so on;
  • Ability to design and setup Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions with Jenkin / VSTS / Chef / Puppet / SaltStack / Ansible, Team City, Octopus, Octopack / Nuget;
  • Good understanding of Orchestrator Architecture, SOA/MSA, Enterprise Integration;
  • Strong knowledge of Docker orchestrator technologies such as Kubernetes / Docker Swarm / Mesos;
  • Has experienced in Logging management tools such as Fluentd, Logtash, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Sensu;
  • Strong knowledge of performance, security, load balancing, and system troubleshooting;
  • Strong experience with SQL and MySQL (NoSQL experience is a plus);
  • Strong communication skills with both technical and non-technical clients;
  • Be proficient in the company/project process, can contribute to the process improvement program;
  • Good at English speaking/writing skills; can confidently discuss with clients about technical approaches or issues in detail;
  • Accountable, proactive, passionate in improving self and team’s technical skills, strongly contribute to productivity improvement activities.
Ho Chi Minh
5+ years
Bachelor Degree