3 tips for saying “goodbye” to burnout at work

June 4, 2021

Have you ever felt that you wanted to explode, unmotivated to get up and go to work in the morning or tired when entering the workplace? If yes, you may be suffering from burnout syndrome. Experts say other illnesses such as depression may be behind burnout, which affects both your physical and mental health. 

What is burnout syndrome? 

Simply put, burnout is a particular form of work-related stress which makes you feel exhausted in the workplace, reducing working productivity and inspiration.  

  1. Signs of suffering from burnout syndrome

There are some common signs that show you are suffering from burnout such as, lack of energy, negative emotions, feeling of isolation, losing motivation, etc. It will not disappear by itself and ignorance will make it worse.  

  1. Popular causes of “burnout mode”

Right after realising you are in the “burnout mode”, the first thing to do is work out where it is coming from. These are some popular causes: 

  • Unhealthy lifestyles or work-life imbalance 
  • An unachievable amount of tasks 
  • Poor time management 
  • An inactive workplace 

Although the pressure from burnout at work might bring problems and negative influences to our life, WHO has not recognised burnout as a disease but a psychological syndrome. So, what can you do to cope when“haunted” by burnout syndrome? 

Tips to overcome burnout 

1.Schedule your working day

Planning out your day might help you feel more energised while also keeping you motivated during a long day at work. Instead of generating a long list of tasks, focus on prioritising one to make you feel accomplished once you’ve completed it. 

2.Design an exercise and nutrition plan

“Exercises can help you control stress and anxiety and manage feelings of burnout.” – says Dr. Mysore, a physician at One Medical in New York. Having an exercise schedule with an additional eating plan is essential to build a strong body and healthy lifestyle, which helps boost your energy and morale for long working hours. Although exercise isn’t a cure-all for burnout, it will help you feel more balanced by managing your stress on a daily basis. 

3.Create relationships at workplace

If you have a good relationship with co-workers, it’s easier to ask them for help when you are struggling to manage your workload. Assistance between colleagues is completely normal when you work in a team that has close relationships with each other. Therefore, in a friendly, positive environment, the number of people experiencing burnout syndrome is much less than in a fiercely competitive one. 

How NashTech keeps employees away from burnout 

Anyone who is constantly exposed to a high-pressure environment is prone to “burnout”. At NashTech, employees are encouraged as much as possible to stay away from pressure and burnout with a dynamic culture and various activities. 

Meet – Connect – Share 

Joining corporate social responsibility events to give Nashers a break from the office and create stronger connections with each other. This not only provides our people opportunities to relax but also contribute meaningful activities for the community and create memorable moments together. 

Work-life balance with sports clubs 

It is great to be able to work in your dream job and enjoy your hobbies at the same time. At NashTech, there are many sports clubs and games established with the aim to release stress, enhance physical health for work-life balance and bring Nashers together.