Challenges are meant to test our courage – empowering insights from our team lead of the year

November 13, 2020

In continuation with our highly anticipated employee appreciation series, which was founded on the basis of honoring individuals with exemplary performance throughout the past year, we would like to introduce you to Chinh Nguyen – who outperformed our expectation and has been awarded with the “team lead of the year 2020” award.

Chinh, and other outstanding individuals who have made their name in the employee of the year award, has become a major source of inspiration for us all at NashTech. By sharing their stories with our fellow Nashers and the wider community, we hope to embolden our current members and encourage future Nasher to join us on this exciting journey.

A look into the life of Chinh Nguyen – a team lead at NashTech

Chinh Nguyen is currently the team lead within the Evolution Wellness Solution project (EWS ODC). He enthusiastically told us that he is aspiring to become a line manager, however, Chinh is fully aware of the technical skills and management skills that he has to hone before achieving this position. In the near future, Chinh shared with us his plan for the next three years is to keep honing his expertise to be appointed to project manager first.

As a team lead, Chinh’s main responsibilities are to assist the team as well as working with the associating departments to deliver sprint goals. Additionally, his scope of work is quite broad since it also entails reviewing code, carrying out training sessions for new members or upskilling sessions for current members, working with technical architects to compose technical approaches for all users in each sprint, and sometimes he plays the role of a developer.

Chinh was happy to share with us that the EWS project has been chosen as the representative project to join NashTech in the process of achieving CMMI 5. Plus, EWS is also the project with technical architecture being presented at a Microsoft event in the United States.

How the culture at NashTech has empowered Chinh to learn and grow

When Chinh was asked about the reason behind choosing NashTech, he proudly shared that since NashTech is ranked within the top 5 of the best ICT companies in Vietnam, makes it the dream workplace for him and many of his friends. 

Chinh is fascinated with how NashTech manages its employees and always leaves room for improvement. The chain of command is well designed and implemented every time a newcomer joins the team. Newcomers are helped and mentored by their senior team members to help understand and accomplish their personal career goals. Chinh believes this approach yields the most accurate and transparent KPI report and avoids any misunderstanding or dispute within the team

Talking about a memory at NashTech, which helps shape who he is today, Chinh recalled when he was assigned with the task to upgrade a system to the latest version in a project. He successfully carried out the task without the help of any business analyst or quality control engineer, only to find out that there was a misunderstanding between the client and him. He got a complaint from the client and was asked to prove himself within two months. Chinh worked hard to regain the client’s trust and build his confidence again, the experience taught him the lesson that following a standard process is of great importance to the success of a project. Also, he maintained that the requirement and scope of a project must be communicated well in order to avoid any assumption that could sabotage the efforts being put into it.

Lastly, we asked Chinh if he had any thoughts or piece of advice for our future Nasher. He shared that NashTech is the right place for those who aspire to reach their full potential as well as receive good benefits package. Learn from what you are currently doing as well as offer to help those that are in charge of your dream position to explore and familiarize yourself with the responsibilities. Keep grinding and you will get there eventually!

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