DEV Show – NashTech’s bespoke development program for software developers.

January 8, 2021

As one of the key employer brands with respect to technology in Vietnam, NashTech is well aware of the competitive nature of the contemporary digital workforce. Tech talent segments are still highly desired and critical in many different sectors.

To attract, manage and retain top talents in the field, we always seek innovative and new approaches when it comes to effectively managing and developing our tech talents. In today’s article, NashTech proudly introduces you to DEV Show – one of our most highly anticipated and robust talent development series dedicated to our developers.

DEV Show – NashTech’s developers hub

DEV Show is our bi-weekly special show for developers, a platform where they can share lessons or knowledge learned from empirical projects and get latest updates on emerging technologies. The show covers a wide range of topics which we will dive into the three most recent episodes:

  1. Modular web applications in ASP.NET core

A session on how applying modular architecture effectively can bring about huge benefits. Plus, this talk show also show attendees how experts applied this architecture in SimplCommerce, a top 3 open source commerce built on .NET Core.

  1. Java Script – Common pitfalls and best practices

This episode of the series illustrated how writing code in Javascript can easily contain many hidden mistakes that developers tend to overlook. By pointing out common pitfalls, our experts have been able to guide attendees to opt for best practices when working with this framework, especially in big projects.

  1. AZ-204 Experience – It isn’t a walk in the park

AZ-204 is a certification exam which tests knowledge of Azure – a public cloud computing platform. The speaker in this session had shared some valuable tips and advices on how to ace this exam.


Micro-service is becoming a very promising architecture that can help us adapt complex system context. In this talk, the speaker shared about the experiences he had deploying the micro-service system in AWS using ECS and relevant services.

  1. SHOPIFY 101

An overarching session on how to create e-commerce websites backed by Shopify – the trusted and easy to use e-commerce platform.

NashTech’s talent management vision

As we constantly adopt advanced technology in our services to fulfill the mission of delivering technology excellence to our clients, the demand to upskill our digital workforce is frequently high. Thanks to the quick digital adaptation we have here at NashTech, our talents will often earn chances to get post-training reinforcement soon after their training which enable them to have hands-on experience in that field.

Our training does not only align with company’s objectives, but we also cater the training content to meet the needs of our tech talents. We aspire to create highly interactive and well-versed sessions to keep our talents engaged and inspired.

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