How to keep surpassing yourself – perspective from two Technical Architects of the Year

August 25, 2020

Every year, to appreciate the contribution of our dedicated teams, NashTech holds an annual award titled “Employee of the Year”, which is introduced to Nashers demonstrating exceptional performance and competency.

Today, let’s discover the inspirational stories of Mr. Hiep Nguyen and Mr. Long Chang, the two excellent Nashers who have earned the “Technical Architect of the Year 2020” title.

Hiep Nguyen – Be determined and motivated

Hiep Nguyen joined NashTech in 2017 as a Technical Architect. Being full of energy, he always maintains his healthy hobby of trekking while striving for new knowledge via self-studying.

Looking back on his 3-year journey with us, Hiep said that NashTech has an extremely nurturing and supportive environment that he couldn’t find anywhere else. To Hiep, NashTech is the ideal place for him to advance and mature his technical skills .

“My team and I are so grateful for all the kindhearted support and valuable resources that we received to tackle all the missions.” – Hiep Nguyen.

With the experience in handling complex software implementations, Hiep is currently assigned to a large international e-learning project, which applies many new and challenging technologies. However, despite the challenges, he and his peers believe that this is an excellent opportunity to master the new technological fields. Hiep Nguyen also expressed his great appreciation of working with a proactive team that always shares a same sense of spirit with him.

Talking about his success, Hiep said that the most important thing to bear in mind is maintaining self-determination. Having passion for all the work you do is the key to overcome any obstacle!

“The award is both a gift, and a motivation that keeps me courageously facing new challenges.” – Hiep sharing his thoughts on the title.

Long Chang – Learn new things and don’t forget who you are

With prior 5 years of coding experience, Long joined NashTech in 2013 and chose to follow the path of being a Technical Architect. As one of our most excellent Nashers, he has been nominated for the “Employee of the Year” multiple times, and 2020 marks the first time he has received it.

Sharing about his journey with us, Long said that his initial expectation was that the working environment would be the same as other outsourcing firms. However, the longer he worked at NashTech, the more he appreciated the great level of care and support that Nashers receive. The nurturing environment of NashTech and the chance to handle foreign projects has given him room to enhance both of his technical skills and soft skills,

When asked about the most memorable experience at NashTech, Long recalled when he was on the team of a sophisticated client project. To meet the tight deadline, over the course of 3 months, he and his teammates had to frequently work overtime until 10-11pm.

“Despite the stress and tension, I was happy to see that everyone still enjoyed tackling the challenges together.” – Long said.

Long Chang shared with us that he has a great passion for coding. He also shared his ambition of architecting and developing applications that would be beneficial to society. Currently at NashTech, Long is trying out his ability in other technical fields besides coding, as he still finds himself surrounded with many new areas to learn and pursue.

Experiencing new technologies and improving English skills are the key to excel yourself.

Concluding our interview, Long described the three things that keep him working at NashTech. They are:

  1. The opportunity to express his ability
  2. The access to trending technologies
  3. Excellent benefits for long-term employees.

Thanks to these two wonderful Nashers, Mr. Hiep Nguyen and Mr.Long Chang, NashTech can keep striving for new technological advancements in the ICT industry. We would like to express our deep gratitude to them and other talented Technical Architects for their great contribution and dedication.