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Harvey Nash Wonderland – Children’s Day 2015

June 1, 2015

Over 200 families and children have cheerfully joined the Disney-themed Children’s Day party at Harvey Nash on 29th May 2015.

This year we also welcomed 20 underprivileged and outstanding students from Tan Binh District to join the celebration.

The event offered the kids an exciting playground of ball house, slide and swing, bricks and blocks, cars and toys, and especially an Art corner guided by coaches from Global Art Center.

The Who is Who contest surprised the crowd when families transformed their kids into Disney Characters. The audience burst out in amazement of the well-crafted customs and the kids’ astounding performance.

The event ends with the Little Artist awards and a remarkable magic performance, which amazed all the kids and even their parents.

We would like to thank the organizing team and all volunteers for their dedication and hard work over the last two months to build up a Harvey Nash Wonderland every kid dreams about.