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Technology Seminar: The Power of BI & Analytics

August 22, 2015

As committed to build a playground of knowledge sharing and idea exchange for the IT community, on 22nd August 2015, Harvey Nash organized the second Technology Seminar: Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics at our company homebase in Etown. The chosen topic was the most requested after the first seminar in November 2014. The event attracted over 300 IT professionals on the day.

In today’s era where information is defining cutting edge innovations and influencing every massive decision, the ability to organize, handle and process separated and giant data into significant insights is vital to the success of each organization. Understanding this need and with their practical experience throughout international projects, Harvey Nash technical teams walked the participants through different angles of the topic, divided into 10 sessions including The Power of BI and Analytics, Data Warehouse, BI Tools, Data Mining, ETL Design Pattern, Data Analytics, Cloud Approach, Data Warehouse Testing, Automation Testing, and Industry Insights. The morning concluded with two guest speakers, Nguyen Ba Thanh and Dinh Le Dat, together joined the hot seats with Loan Pham, Long Hoang, and Nhan Nguyen in the fruitful

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We hope the seminar has opened up new insights and discussing spaces for each joiner. There are new inspirations and ideas after the meet up, so we hope to see you in the coming events.

The slides of the event can be found here:

The Power of BI & Analytics:

Flying With BI Tools:

The Art of Data Mining:

Data Warehouse:

ETL Design Pattern:

Big Data and Analytics:

Cloud Approach For Big Data:

Data Warehouse Testing:

ETL Automation Test: